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Moving Business Premises – What To Consider

Moving your business from one location to another comes with a range of practical challenges and self-storage may be the solution.

As your business grows and develops you may find that the premises your company began life in may not be suitable any more. Whether you need more room for your growing business demands or you need to find a more specialised space for the development of your company- there are a few things to consider to ensure that the move is smooth and successful.

Prepare before the move

So you have found your new business premises and your move date is looming. Before the big move it is a good idea to prepare and plan and be ruthless regarding exactly what you are taking from one premise to the next. If you are moving to bigger premises it is still a good idea to thin out what you are taking with you so that you don’t simply fill a larger space with things you don’t really need. Take the essential equipment you need for the running of your business but you may want to think about find a business self-storage solution for your paperwork and records which you don’t need every day to ensure that your new business premises is kept clutter free.

Changing directions

A change in business premises often means a change in the direction your company is taking. You may be developing and focussing on a specific area of your business or changing direction altogether. Either way you may now be left with equipment or supplies which you are no longer in need of. Finding cheap self-storage will give you a safe and secure space to store these items should you wish to return to that area of your business. If you are going to sell your stock on then your self-storage gives you a place to keep these items until the right buyer comes with the right price.

Bridging the gap

Not every business premises move is perfectly timed. You may find that you have to be out of your old premises by a certain date but your new premises are not quite ready to be used yet. In which case, you will need a secure space to store your company’s equipment. Self-storage units are secure and kept monitored at all times. You can be reassured that your business’ assets will be kept under lock and key under the watchful eye of a state of the art security system.  You do not need a long lease so there are no lengthy contracts to be drawn into, you can rent a cheap self-storage unit for as little time as you need it.

Moving business premises is just about as stressful as moving homes. There are many things you need to consider to make the transition as smooth as possible to create as little impact on the running of your business as possible. Choosing business storage units can play a key role in helping to ease the pressure of a business move and give you an extra option when finding places for all your business requirements.

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