Medical Journalist Outraged: Professor Chris Exley was victim of ‘serial assassination’

Governments appear to be celebrating the wonders of experimental vaccines such as Covid-19, and pressure to censor science related to vaccine safety is increasing by the day. We republished an article, a letter, and a video from a French medical journalist who is outraged.  The issue of aluminium toxicity of vaccine adjuvants became a major argument against the French government’s decision to expand mandatory vaccination from 3 to 11 vaccines in 2017. It is estimated that more than one million French citizens signed petitions and open letters to express their concerns on this question and urge the authorities to fund more research on aluminium.  In a survey, it was estimated that 40% of the French were vaccine hesitant, and the general opinion was that the government should abolish the principle of mandatory vaccination. Professor Chris Exley Keele work from Keele University played a crucial role in this debate and was widely discussed.  This letter’s author produced a video titled ‘L’ALU TOTAL’ that gained millions of views and did a tremendous job getting the public to question the safety of vaccines and the dangers of aluminium exposure.

The article has a strong French flavor with its clear use of French terminology. You won’t want to miss the video – it’s both entertaining and informative! It was well received by Prof. Exley as well.

Read Prof. Exley’s blog on “The Hippocratic Post” to learn more about the dangers of aluminium.

A Scientific Assassination Autopsy

We know that studying the toxicity of an industrial product isn’t the best way to advance a career. In fact, you tend to make a few enemies along the way. It’s even worse in the very specific case of aluminium toxicity: you’ll alienate all the industries: agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, drinking water treatment providers, just to name a few. Thus, you must be highly motivated to tackle the project (for example, in 1995, there were 25 research groups in England researching the dangers of aluminum. In 2019, there is only one: Professor Chris Exley’s team).

Christopher Exley on the Aluminium Age - The Hippocratic Post

The age of aluminum is upon us

Every day, we ingest, breathe, and drink aluminium. As if that weren’t enough, it is injected directly into our bodies! The consequences for our health are much greater than previously realized. There is no doubt about that.

Aluminium is neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and mutagenic, and is suspected of causing neurodevelopmental disorders in young children (including autism), neurodegenerative disorders in old people (aluminum is now being used in research to cause Alzheimer’s disease in mice), autoimmune disorders and allergies. Aside from inhibiting 200 important biological functions, acetaminophen damages the blood-brain barrier, impairs neurotransmission, and causes oxidative stress. When the world’s leading expert on aluminum claims that “without aluminium, Alzheimer’s would not exist”, it’s reasonable to take his words seriously, especially since his work has the potential to literally change public health… for a very low cost.

Keele University’s Professor of Inorganic Biochemistry, Chris Exley, is the foremost authority on aluminium’s toxicity. He has been passionate about this very special metal for almost 40 years and has published more than 200 papers on the subject in top scientific journals. We are able to understand the extent and severity of the problems this exotoxin is causing to our health and environment because of his hard work.

The research of Prof. Exley has been stopped in its tracks today: faultless on the scientific front, he is being attacked on funding sources.

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