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Making Company Meetings Productive and Fun

Whether you work in a company or run your own business, meetings are opportunities where you and your coworkers/staff can get together and discuss important work agenda. When there are issues in the workplace that need to be addressed, when you want to improve communication between your people, when you want to promote coordination for projects, or when there are urgent company news that need to be announced, you call for a meeting.

However, just because they’re necessary for the efficient running of a company doesn’t mean that everybody enjoys them. There are various reasons why some people dislike meetings. One reason could be when they last too long. Another could be when the person who has called the meeting doesn’t have a clear agenda to discuss. Aside from avoiding these mistakes, there are several ways that you can make company meetings more productive and fun:

  • Set an example for your team.

If you want your staff to be engaged and participative in the meeting, you have to act out those traits first. The moment they walk into the room, they will begin to gauge your mood and mirror your reactions. If you project a somber, sullen expression, they will mirror it and will become serious and unresponsive themselves. You must lead by projecting a positive, engaged, and friendly mood; your team will follow.

  • Create a connection first.

Getting into the meeting’s agenda straightaway is certain to make your employees a bit overwhelmed from the first instant. Start with a one- or two-sentence introduction first about why you have called everyone together and what you want to achieve with the meeting.

  • Don’t forget the big picture.

Don’t get so focused on the specific details of the meeting that you start to forget about the big picture. The meeting is a good opportunity to remind your team about the higher purpose that the whole company is working toward. Make them understand that the issues addressed in the meeting play a role in the overall aims of the company.

  • Recognize achievers.

One way of creating a positive atmosphere is to take time for the achievements of your group. Take time to recognize and praise the super achievers in your team during the meeting. To make the activity more fun, go beyond the usual “thank you” or “good job” by giving small but thoughtful prizes like banner pens or a customized coffee mug.

  • Provide everyone with an action plan.

Right before the end of the meeting, make sure everyone knows what their next steps would be. But don’t just read off who should be in charge of which tasks. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page by asking everyone to say something about what their responsibilities are.

  • Give a strong ending.

Just as you started your meeting with a strong, positive message, you should also do the same when you end it. Your closing statement should be similar to your opening one, and don’t forget to emphasize the big picture again.



A bad and unproductive meeting is a waste of time. But worse than the lost time is the realization of what you and your staff could have achieved with the meeting had you prepared for it better. Ultimately, a meeting should be an experience that engages your employees and gets them to participate actively in important work issues. As the boss of your company, you should do whatever it takes to give a strong but positive impression to your employees during meetings, whether that entails giving out banner pens UK to achievers or planning out action plans for everyone.

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