Live Dealer Games at LiveCasino – What Are They?

Many casinos today offer a game mode that is played with live dealers. What is it and why is it so popular? Many have already heard about LiveCasino games that are held with live dealers, but not everyone understands what it is, how it works and what needs to be emphasized.

Benefits of Games with Live Dealers

Among such games advantages are:

  • Excitement increases.
  • The rivals are the same real people, not algorithms.
  • A live croupier appears on the screen and performs all actions online.
  • There is no RNG.
  • The game is played in real time.
  • There is no need to go anywhere, dress up, observe a complicated dress code, etc.

Casinos as offline complexes are now becoming less popular. They are being replaced by highly developed tech online casinos, which have their own advantages. Any player can easily try different games that help to express emotions. There is an opportunity to earn money and then withdraw funds to the card.

It is more convenient to play in live mode, because you can personally observe all the dealer actions. There are also many games that will definitely delight everyone who wants to get adrenaline and vivid emotions. Games are usually anonymous, you can easily contact consultants for help if necessary, if any difficulties or questions arise. Funds will not be held just like that if you have chosen a good casino with reviews.

Today you can play in live casinos not only from personal computers, but even from mobile devices. Therefore, this area is actively growing and developing. Games look new because the dealer is real. The real person helps make the gameplay a little more realistic than usual.

Communication with people can be done via chat. You always know that real people are playing with you, not robots. They are really more prone to emotions, often you need to carefully figure out their game preferences, which, of course, allows you to play at times more interesting. And if a person is nervous, he can make mistakes even in the simplest situations.

What Exactly Does a Croupier Do?

Guests play on the platform against a dealer who represents the site and controls the entire process. He or she deals the cards and spins the ball in accordance with the game technique and rules. The croupier must know all the rules to act correctly during the session. An important part is the accepted gestures that are used at different game studios.

Dealers necessarily use special moves in some situations to avoid controversial situations. Some other actions are also strictly regulated at the casino games. The dealer has to:

– work with bets;

– spin the ball roulette and deal cards;

– call winning numbers, combos or cards;

– explain the game rules and announce the last played events;

– congratulate the lucky winners;

– talk with the guests, chat and answer their questions;

–  help in difficult situations.

Some users prefer to actively talk in chat with the croupier and consider it to be a game part. Perhaps because it reminds them of the manner of playing in land-based gambling halls, because a casino is not only a strategy aimed at winning, but also communication with pleasant people. Due to this, the game in the LiveCasino section is more enjoyable than in the slot section, and the process is more cool.

Such people not only enjoy the game, but also make the dealer’s work more interesting. In this case, the croupier not only repeats the standard phrases, but also enjoys live communication, and time flies by.

There are also other players, who prefer not to interact, because they believe that this distracts them from the game and does not allow them to concentrate.

A Little About the Dealer Work

The dealer spends thirty-forty minutes at the table, and then must change the place. During the game, the host communicates with guests and answers their questions. If the person does not want to communicate and hear the dealer’s voice, he or she can turn off the sound.

Here are some topics that cannot be touched upon by the dealer when communicating with the player in a live casino:

– personal information (name, nicknames in social media, phone number, address and e-mail address and so on);

– the bet amount or winnings amount, even if this information is displayed on the gaming screen;

– the exact place and casino address from where the broadcast is being conducted;

– personal information about other company employees;

– topics of a religion, sex, statements, politics and race, ambiguous expressions.

The croupier has no right to insult players in any situations, even when users are rude towards the dealer.

In general, the work of the live casino studios is organized so that the players have fun and have a good time. And since it became possible to play with real people without leaving home on gaming platforms such as Shangri La, live games have become a serious competitor to land-based casinos

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