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Know How Electronic Signature Software Helps You To Speed Up The Sales Process

Using sales management tools such as CRM may not prove beneficial to your organization if salespeople cannot close a contract successfully. Long sales processes need countless documents and using electronic signatures facilitates the last and vital step of signing documents or contracts. So, simplifying the signing process is a major objective for closing more deals, improving sales team’s productivity, and increasing customer base. There are many solutions to help you and e-signature software is one of them.

Electronic Signature is an Easy Solution

Today, many organization still follow the old and traditional process of having clients sign on paper and later scanning the documents to receive the result in digital format. This is a lot of hard work and needs time. Why don’t we opt for a paperless method that would eliminate the manual effort, human error, and also speed up the whole process? When you have to sign multiple documents across your organization at large volumes, adopting e-signature software will save your valuable time and resources.
If you are aware of electronic signature solutions, then you must know that they solve two major challenges by saving time with contract processing and delivering with a better signing experience for the customers, business partners, and employees.

So, want to know how electronic signature software solution can benefit both you and your clients? Have some questions in your mind like:

1. Is the Software Solution Safe and Secure?

An effective electronic signature software solution ensures that all your valuable data and files are encrypted and secured from repudiation. There are various authentication methods ensuring you that your data is only accessed by the authorized users. You can be assured that your data is protected even in mobile environments.

Signature Software

2. Do you want to Know About Customer Experience?

An effective e-signature software can be easily deployed and used and does not need a lot of programming for integrating with the systems at your organization. They provide proper visibility and reporting which is needed to follow the signing process every time, thus promising a user-friendly experience.

Why Should You Use E-signature Software

a) You Can Sign Contracts in Few Minutes

Signing documents and contracts electronically turns out much faster and simple for sales team as well as the customers. After your customer is convinced that the product you are providing is the best, make him to sign contracts digitally in few minutes. Your client will receive the signed contracts by email, opens it from his device (be it a laptop, mobile, or a tablet), puts his signature and forwards it to sales person. Later, the sales person receives an email in his inbox stating that the contract has been signed by the client.

b) Sign Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Signers can sign their documents from any location and from any device with e-signature software. Time and location are not obstacles any more for signing contracts. They are available on the same day when sent to the client no matter the number of signatures required for validating agreement.

c) Satisfies Sales Department More

Sales people work really hard and design strategies in order to generate business and receive expected results. So, for retaining the professional talents, they must be provided with proper tools that can ease their work. E-signature software is one such important tool that speed up the signing process and avoids unnecessary waiting to get a document signed. This leaves a positive impact on the entire department and makes sales people feel motivated and satisfied with their performance and by boosting their efficiency and productivity.

Signature Software

d) Closes Deals Faster

Business processes in a sales team revolves around agreements, contracts, and documents that needs approvals and signatures from third parties. So, acquiring signatures from clients and customers is one of the biggest challenges of a sales team and delay in business transactions leads to confusion and frustration in sales cycle.  Sales team can use an online electronic signature solution for closing deals faster and streamlining the entire sales activities. With this solution, the sales department can manage and send documents and also keep a track on when a customer has opened the email and viewed the agreement. There lies no hassle of physical document transactions and sales department can focus on selling more products and building a strong customer relationship.

To Sum Up

An electronic signature solution like SutiSign helps clients, customers, and sales professionals to sign on important documents online from anywhere and from any device. This result in an improved customer experience, reduces the cost of using pen and paper, and increases speed in business transactions. When you have a prospect, you need them to sign agreements faster to close the deal as soon as possible, before your prospect looks for other options.

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