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Killer Mistakes To Avoid When Applying To Jobs

Searching for a job is a really hard mission. We all know that applying for a job can take a long time, besides being stuck in the waiting line; you might not get the job which completely suits you and your qualifications and requirements.

Sometimes job seekers might get frustrated. Waiting for a long time after applying for the job could not be from the recruiter’s side, it may take time because some job seekers wouldn’t pay attention to small mistakes done by them which was the reason recruiters canceled their potentiality even if they own the  qualifications needed.

What are their mistakes which must be avoided while applying for a job?

Here the worst mistakes to be done by job seekers while applying for a job:

  1. Sending your resume and cover letter with typos.

Resumes are the first impression the employer gets about you. You can either build up a great primitive image about yourself or you would just end your potentiality in getting the job immediately. Sending your resume and cover letter with spelling and grammatical mistakes is a killer mistake; this is not acceptable by any recruiter. Make sure you send your resume after checking it for many times before applying it. You can ask a friend for a help or get online spelling and grammatical mistakes program which auto-corrects the mistakes.

  • You need to write and edit your resume professionally , take your time while editing and writing your cover letter , sometimes being in a hurry might bring up many spelling and grammatical mistakes while typing .
  • If you’re seeking a good job opportunity, you can check secured online job websites like LinkedIn and and apply your resume for the job that fits your requirements and qualifications.
  • Do not forget to re-check your resume before submitting it to the recruiter’s email.
  1. Giving wrong answers about your Employment history.

Employment history is not just paragraphs which are written to fill in empty gaps in your resume. You need to be really aware of it, how could you not know the employment history which you were occupied in yourself? If the recruiter asked you and didn’t know the related answer to your employment history, it might give an impression of deception. It’s either the job seeker is not being truthful to their previous employment or they are careless. One of the worse situations which could happen in an interview is the recruiters finds out that the applicant is lying, consider it absolutely over.

  • Make sure you read your resume well before entering the interview meeting room, concentrate on memorizing the dates.
  1. Telling everyone you’re seeking a job.

Searching for a job should not be popular news to be shared with almost everyone around. It might be useful only when you’re unemployed. When you are in certain job and you spread the word, you might be the cause of putting yourself in an embarrassing situation; your employed will not be ok with having you among his team anymore if he knows you’re looking for a better job while you’re working in his company. Make sure you only let specific people know that you’re hunting for a better job opportunity, people who professional network connections are some of the people who must know in order to help you out.

  • Always keep your resume updated and edited in order to be submitted immediately when someone asks you to send it because they want to show them to their recruiters or any professional connection they might know.
  1. Being un-reachable at most time.

When you apply for a good number of job opportunities online you need to be reachable in most time of the day. As known, your number and e-mail is attached in your resume, the least you can do is to answer your phone when they call you. Most recruiters wouldn’t call more than one time when they call in order to take an interview appointment with you. After submitting your resume, always leave your phone reachable through day time, and it’s important to check your e-mail on daily basis.

  • Some people would prefer adding a specific time to be contacted. Some work environments wouldn’t allow employees accessing their cellphones during work hours, only between break times.
  1. Define the previous and targeted salary in the resume.

Salary rates must be very confidential. Some recruiters get irritated when they see people mentioning their certain salary as well as all other previous salary rates. Mentioning salary rates is not professional at all. Recruiters say that some job seekers would actually mention the amount of money and salary they seek in their cover letter. Well, this step will rapidly turn you into bad candidates even though you might hold great skills and qualifications which they really need.

  • Issues related to money such as salary rates or even how much money they seek should only be discussed face to face confidently between the recruiter and the candidate.
  • Online job websites like usually mentions the targeted salary for a certain job position submitted, but that’s for another different purpose. Famous recruitment websites like has to attach the salary rate for the targeted job because it’s an international job vacancies portal, people would seek a job overseas so not mentioning the salary would actually make it kind of ambiguous.

There are a lot of mistakes which must be avoided when applying for a job. We chose the common mistakes which can cause of losing a once in a life time opportunity. Recruiters are hunters, they hunt for the best candidate which will add productivity and bring more success to the company. It’s their job; they will not bring someone who is not fit or lacks the basic qualifications needed in any industry or company. Your resume is the first image they will build about you, they will imagine your personality upon the qualifications mentioned in the cv. Focus on your job applying process and make sure you re-check it before submitting it. Being smart is not enough; you need to be focused as well.

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