Impact of workplace incivility on job stress And Turnover intention

Impact of workplace incivility on job stress And Turnover intention


The impact of workplace incivility on job stress And Turnover intention is examining in this study.

Workplace Incivility

  • Incivility at the workplace refers to disruptive behaviors.
  • it includes workplace harassment, bad attitude, and bad comments.
  • Behaviors against the organizational norms refer to incivility.

Workplace incivility

Job stress

Job stress is a negative state of mind that affects an organization badly. Harmful outcomes that affect employee’s overall performance and organizational goals as well.

Outcomes of job stress:

These outcomes might explain as in the form of employee turnover intention rate increment.

When the organization did not support or burden full of their employees.

it automatically results in employees leaving the organization for good.

The other thing is that employees want some bonus for their performances. So the organization plans to stay their employees for a longer period in one place.

 Workplace incivility and Job stress

Turnover Intention

Due to some mistreatment at the workplace. There are two types of turnover intention that prevails.

 voluntary turnover:

in which employees leave the organization all for their own desire or willingness for example mistreatment at the workplace causes this kind of turnover. Other examples included workplace harassment. It also increases the turnover ratio of one organization.


In this type of turnover intention, the organization terminates one employee on the basis of low performance or unethical acts at the workplace. For example, one employee passes bad comments about the other employee.

 Workplace incivility and Turnover intention

 Workplace incivility and Job stress

Under these variables, we just examine the direct impact.

Relationship between WI→Job stress:

The relationship between workplace incivility and job stress measured with the help of different testing techniques. job stress is prevailing at a high level if the workplace incivility is high because employees did not want to work in a workplace where deviant behaviors exist. so for better prosperity, it is essential for the organization to take control over job stress.


A lot more explanation about this thing is that when an organization gives its employees high rates of work and pay them a nominal amount for their efforts.

When job stress prevails in the organization employees always act badly towards the organization plus with each other as well.

When workplace incivility and job stress in the high level of organization employees did not rightly focus on their actual goal that is set by the organization.

WI - job stress

Workplace incivility and Turnover intention

In this study what we going to do is examine the direct impact.

Relationships between WI→ Turnover Intention:

The relationship between workplace incivility and turnover intention is simply direct. When the incivility at the workplace shown as a high steak. The turnover intention of the employees is also high. And when the incivility is low it means the turnover rate of employees for their organization is low.

Because employees are the basic asset of one company if one company loses its employees with the passage of time it is not sound so good for the company because it leads towards lower productivity of the organization.


At the last base on the research of this study, I can conclude that if WI is high in the organization then turnover intention and job stress at a high level with no doubt.

WI-Turnover intention

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