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Huptown XP: Marketing Reinvented For Experience Providers

Whether you are a beauty parlour, restaurant business, attraction site or an event organiser, if you are in the business of selling experiences – chances are -you still rely on the traditional principles of marketing or the so-called4P’s of marketing and that may be wrong.

In today’s Experience Economy, relying on the 4P’s exclusively can limit your focus to the “static customer archetype”and restrain your ability to respond to customer’s ever-changing needs. Done right, your marketing should enable you to personalise, respond, offer longer access to your products and make you go beyond the targeting of your traditional customer archetype. For a typical small business or experience provider, achieving the above can be tricky and come at a high cost. It might even require a full marketing suite or resources beyond your capability.

Enter XP!

Huptown XP is a marketing as a service platform that powers experience provider’s and event organisers by letting them leverage on modern discovery and end to end technology. The platform offers multiple capabilities such as experience discovery, booking and travel. It combines essential sales and marketing functions like payment collection and reservation management seamlessly for Experience Providers.

As an Experience Provider, you can leverage on the Platform to let your customers travel to you easily. It works like this; when a user chooses or click to book your experience that is listed on the Huptown app, Huptown will send a driver to pick them up and deliver them to your place.

The Mobile Ticketing Sales, platform is a clever way of reinventing the customer journey and for solving one of the typical problems of experience providers, which is getting customers to reach you easily. According to statistics by Visit England, around 83% of visitors to experience destinations search for travel access information and less than 40% find what they are looking for. This means that over 40% of experience seekers may be discouraged from coming to you because of accessibility barriers. Accessibility barriers may be related to lengthy driving time to your place, parking, finding easy and convenient transport connections, public transport issues and so on.

Huptown XP not only solves that problem through their end to end solution that brings guest to the provider’s door and back to their homes, it provides better marketing capability that lets experience providers do something different, such as personalising experiences and doing experiential marketing, which is what most small businesses cannot traditionally afford.

Experiences can be set up based on seasons, time and contexts, which is the kind of proactive marketing that every experience provider should have to be flexible and responsive to market changes and customer behaviour.

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