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How to Take Advantage of Instagram TV

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Instagram celebrate their 1 billion users by launching IGTV that is long-form video format where you can upload a one-hour long video like video sharing giant YouTube. Instagram TV seems to an obvious effort to mega-popular video-sharing site YouTube for video omnipotence. It is available as a standalone application on Google Play and App store and you can also access in the standard Instagram app. IGTV seems to be an extension of Instagram stories with a genuine solution. Of long format. Now you can consume time to watch only videos on Instagram as you do on YouTube. Here, you can discover that how to take advantages of IGTV. Let’s get into it!

Table of content:

  • How Does IGTV Work?
  • What Does IGTV Mean for Instagram?
  • What Does IGTV Mean for Advertisers?
  • What Does IGTV Mean for Brands?

How Does IGTV Work?

Like traditional TV and YouTube, IGTV let you access different channels of having vertical long-form videos. A lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lele Pons, Selena Gomes, and Kevin Hart have joined this new feature of Instagram. The vertical videos will pop up on your phone once you hit on the orange icon from the top right side of your screen. It begins playing the video when you open it and change the channel like your regular TV. These videos are presented in a vertical format and full screen.

What Does IGTV Mean for Instagram?

It is believed that IGTV is not a bold step from dedicated-image sharing site Instagram but a practical one with prospect massive return on investment (ROI).  It is an optimistic outlook for brands and social influencers that they can convert their YouTube subscribers into Instagram followers. Previously, YouTube was the one and only choice for the people who utterly wanted to watch the video.Instagram TV seems to be an effort to continue to replace multimedia messaging app, Snapchat. It has a distinguished similarity to the discovery segment of Snapchat where famous videos created by other users and pals plays on a nonstop loop.

What Does IGTV Mean for Advertisers?

IGTV was launched on June 20, 2018, and initially, it is in the infancy phase. Now, Instagram has not introduced IGTV monetization like YouTube through videos advertisement or by payment of video creators. But Instagram will surely introduce ads on IGTV. The founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom said: “today IGTV is not offering ads but it’s a good place to end up.” In the future, advertisers will buy 20 to 30 seconds of placement spots in the IGTV channels that are related to their products. Moreover, brands or businesses will also take the advantages to promote their product through the channels of social influencers with huge followings in a more engaging way.

What Does IGTV Mean for Brands?

Instagram TV is the realistic upgradation of Instagram stories. You can use it for uploading the organic content of your followers on Instagram. Brands can use IGTV to repost their YouTube and Facebook videos that you’ve been precisely creating. When you post your videos using this new format, you can create your brand awareness in a unique way.


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