How To Keep Teams Status Green

Working from home jobs can offer greater freedom to employees but it also brings new challenges to the day to day role. Sure, you’ve got your comfy chair and your favourite mug, but there’s always something getting in the way of productivity while working from home. Maybe it’s your noisy neighbour, or the kids bouncing off the walls. Or maybe it’s something a little more… technical.

That’s right, I’m talking about the dreaded rush back to the computer every 5 mins just to jiggle the mouse. If you use Teams daily then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 7 out of 10 daily Teams users in the UK do this.

What is a Mouse Jiggler?

Tell me, have you heard of mouse jigglers? It’s that electronic gadget that wobbles your mouse to keep your computer from going to sleep, so you don’t show up as “away” on your Team’s chat app. If you’re like me, then maybe you don’t want to mess around with yet another piece of overpriced hardware from Amazon cluttering up your desk. If you work on a laptop then you may not even have a mouse to jiggle.


What is a “Mouse Jiggler” Keyboard Clip?

Enter the keyboard clip. This little guy is a game-changer. It’s a simple device that clips onto your caps lock key for Windows or esc key for Macs, and it keeps your computer active without any need for USB ports or extra cables. No more running back to your desk every five minutes just to wiggle the mouse to keep your Teams status green.


How does a keyboard clip work?

This may all sound too good to be true so let’s explore how this magical computer clip works. It’s all thanks to some potentially unintended programming by Microsoft. It turns out that holding down your Caps Lock key while in a text field will simulate activity on your computer, tricking it into thinking you’re typing away even when you’re not. This keeps your Teams status green and prevents the screen saver activating or computer from sleeping. And best of all, the clip is completely free of electronics, wires or power so it is super low cost at around the price of a hot coffee with some free sprinkles of chocolate on top.


How To Keep Teams Status Green?

If you’re tired of constantly struggling to keep your Teams status green while you work from home, give the keyboard clip a try. Just enter a text field and clip to Caps Lock key. It’s a simple and elegant solution to a common problem. And who knows, it might just make your workday a little bit easier.

Invented by Caps N Lock®, The ‘mouse jiggler’ keyboard clip without the jiggling, is the solution to a very frustrating work from home problem. Give it a try and see how it can transform your work-from-home experience!

The Caps N Lock® keyboard clip for Teams users, was invented and designed by a team in England, UK.

Visit to see their full range of clips and colours shipping worldwide.

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