How to Impress People During Your Presentation if They’re Horrifying

You can’t expect everyone listening to your presentation to be friendly. It would be great if you saw smiles and nods as you spoke. However, it’s also possible to see people who won’t even respond to what you say. They maintain a poker face until the end of your presentation. Their presence might prevent you from doing well. Here are some tips to help you impress them and get their approval.

Don’t Read Into Their Faces

Just because someone in the room isn’t smiling or nodding doesn’t mean you’re not doing well. Perhaps, the person reacts that way to everything. It’s not about what you say. It’s also possible this person wants you to feel intimidated to test how well you know your presentation. While you speak, the last thing you want is to read the people in the room. You will only feel shaken and be unable to get things done.

Avoid Technical Issues

These people are also impatient. Don’t expect them to respond well if there are technical problems. They won’t wait until the problems get fixed. Others might even walk out of the room. Deal with the issues before the presentation begins. If you have issues with the sound system, fix them immediately. It also helps if your meeting room has a universal soundbar bracket. It ensures that everyone in the room hears you as you speak. A projector mount is also necessary to make the slides visible to everyone. If the problem occurs while you speak, keep going. Don’t let anything stop you from presenting your thoughts.

Research About The Attendees

If you already know who will be there for your presentation, try to research them. It doesn’t matter how threatening these people are. You will find a way to impress them. Take your time to know what makes them happy about a presentation. There will always be a weak spot. Make your presentation relatable. Talk about how you can bring more money to the company. Your speaking style should also match what they’re looking for.

Prepare For The Questions

Some attendees might not be interested in your presentation. They will receive a copy of your topic before entering the room. They will be there to question you. Prepare for these questions, and don’t let them intimidate you. If you prepared well, you could respond to whatever they ask. Back your statement with data to be more convincing.

Always Be Optimistic

You’re presenting an idea. Sure, it’s not perfect, and there will be loopholes. However, you should be the first person to believe in what you’re selling. Try to be optimistic. Don’t let anything stop you from having a good outlook about what you want people to believe in.

Hopefully, you will survive this ordeal and do well. Don’t let anything stop you, even the scary attendees. Talk to them after the meeting and get to know them better. Next time, you will know the right approach in impressing them.

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