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How To Help A New Team Bond Together

Bond Together

When you’re putting a new team together, it’s vital that they gel together as people. While having a team of intelligent, skilled individuals is crucial for business, it’s just as important that they’re capable of communicating and listening and collaborating together too.

This doesn’t always come naturally, of course. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help your new team bond together with ease. Read on to discover how.

Shoot for snake eyes with a poker tournament

There’s nothing quite as good for bonding as a good poker session. When you’re gathered around a table with a few beers, a deck of cards, and some chips, pitting your wits against your colleagues, you really get to know people.

All you need is a simple poker kit (cheap and easy to find) and a space to play — you could even do it in a lunch break! If you want to make it interesting have everyone contribute a couple of quid to the kitty, or put up an enticing prize such as half a day off instead.

If your team takes to it, why not enter a tournament together and share the prize money? As well as helping your team bond, it’ll also spice up your work social calendar into the bargain. Check the website for an up-to-date poker tournament calendar.

Host your own virtual pub quiz

It won’t have escaped your attention that we are in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. As a result, many of us are self-isolating, social distancing, and working from home. While this has its benefits, it also has drawbacks, one of which is that we can no longer enjoy face-to-face communications with our colleagues.

Naturally, this makes helping your new team bond together that bit harder. Thankfully, there is a plethora of video technology available to help you achieve that, and teams up and down the country are using to enjoy that British tradition of pub quizzes.

Use an app like Zoom to host your own virtual pub quiz. Divide your staff into teams and have them set up a separate Zoom chat in order to converse on questions. Answers can be submitted via private DM and added to a Google Sheet (is there anything spreadsheets can’t do?) so the quizmaster can quickly and easily check them.

Work together to beat the escape room

Escape rooms have shot up in popularity in recent years. A welcome alternative to an evening at the pub, these are surprisingly fun and accessible for people of any background. You don’t need to be a veteran puzzler to enjoy escape rooms either — anyone can enjoy (and succeed!) at them.

What makes escape rooms so perfect for helping a new team bonding together is that it’s virtually impossible to complete them without good, solid teamwork. Everyone brings something different to the table, and strong communication and listening skills are crucial for escape room success.

There are escape rooms all over the country now, so you’ll be sure to find one near you. Check Escape The Review to find the best one near you — something to look forward too once the lockdown has lifted!

Helping a new team bond together won’t happen overnight, especially given the current restrictions imposed as a result of coronavirus. But with time and through activities like those listed above, your new team will become a solid, cohesive unit.

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