How To Find The Perfect Self Storage Unit Quickly

Find out about the best ways to get a self storage unit quickly without sacrificing the safety of your belongings.

We would all like the time to find the perfect facilities and services when we need them. However, sometimes we just don’t have that luxury and we need to find certain things quickly.

If you have been left in a situation where you need to source cheap self storage quickly we can help you do that without putting your items at risk.

We have some great tips to help you find a cheap self storage that is of great value, and designed to give you the best possible experience of this useful service.

Here’s how to pick a cheap self storage facility quickly:

Ring Around

Don’t bother reading websites. It can take a long time and sometimes they are badly designed and don’t reflect the services on offer. Instead ring around and get a feel for the storage facilities over the phone.

If you like what you hear then arrange to pay a visit as soon as possible. The best companies should be accommodating and helpful on that first phone call, see

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Prioritise Your Needs

Ensure that you understand your needs properly and focus on those needs, rather than getting distracted by additional services that may come in handy later on.

You need a space that is available now, that is of a certain size and is in a certain area. Focus on those key needs and you can think about further factors later. The priority is getting a good facility to use right now.

Look For The Basics

There are basics for every cheap self storage facility should have if they are operating a good business. Security should be at the heart of what is on offer.

CCTV, 24-hour reception, various gate points and lock points are all basic expectations you should see in the best facilities.

Business Or Domestic?

Lots of facilities are able to cater for the needs of both business and domestic users. However some facilities are focused on one or the other. With domestic use it doesn’t really matter too much whether you use a specific facility, or a blended facility. However, with business self storage there are often additional benefits like document archiving, law compliant document destruction, delivery services and climate control that all come in very handy in the short term and long term.

Flexible Contracts

Even though you are in a rush you should not sign any hefty long-term contracts. They are a bad idea for anybody who is in a rush, and they are not necessary when it comes to cheap self storage.

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Legitimate self storage facilities offer a flexible contract usually on a monthly basis, and those terms are clearly outlined. Do not allow yourself to be tied into an unnecessarily strict contract because you are in a rush.

Distance Priorities

If you are able to visit your cheap self storage unit regularly, then you can afford to go further afield for your storage needs. However if you are needing to regularly access the unit, then you should only look within a 30 minute radius of either your workplace or your home.

Hopefully these tips will help you to locate a cheap self storage unit quickly. As long as you are only tied into a flexible contract you can revisit your decision as soon as you have more time. Luckily there are lots of great facilities to choose from so you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding somewhere to suit your temporary needs.

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