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How to Find a Pipe Leak & Fix It?

A leak is a breakdown that must be eliminated as quickly as possible. Open leaks are easy to see – in this case, water gushes out from under the ground in a fountain. But there are accidents that are not easy to detect. To avoid unwanted and frequent pipe leaking issues, please use Metal expansion joints during the installation of your house high pressure pipelines.  We advise you to please go through this whole article to find and fix a broken pipe or joint in your home. You don’t need an expert to fix such issues in your home. By reading and implement the steps in this article, you can flawlessly fix the problem in no time.

Previously, the entire pipe had to be dug out to determine the leak. It is laborious, troublesome and inconvenient – you need to turn off the water supply, block the road …

Things are easier today. The best solution to a problem always follows from its cause. Specific conditions need to be determined:

  • type of pipe (metal, plastic);
  • purpose (hot or cold pipes, sewerage);
  • penetration depth.

How to Find a Pipe Leak Underground?

Sensitive Microphone

Water flowing out of the crack creates noise under the influence of pressure. Metal plumbing creates high frequency sound, plastic water – low. At the point of leakage, it acquires the greatest intensity. This method is often used to detect leaks on non-metallic pipes.

Correlation Leak Detector

The microphones are mounted at two points in the plumbing and transmit the frequency of the noise. The device analyzes the data of the vibroacoustic signal (leakage noise) and calculates where the leak is. This method is most effective for metal pipes.

Thermal Imager

With the help of a thermal imaging survey, the hottest area of ​​the surface above the emergency section of the pipe is revealed. This method is convenient when running hot water or heating systems.

Safe Gas

A mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen is introduced into the pipe. The gas is directed upward through a crack in the pipe, and can even penetrate through asphalt. Special sensors indicate the location of the gas and, accordingly, leaks.


A section of the pipe is measured, special pillows are inserted along it, which inflate and seal the pipe. Air pressure is injected into the sealed section of the pipe. If after a while the pressure remains the same, then there is no leak.

With the help of modern equipment, finding water leaks will not take much time and effort. The Restoker team will efficiently and promptly help you troubleshoot or fix a breakdown. And if you still haven’t installed Restoker’s comprehensive protection system, now is the time to do it! It is guaranteed to prevent serious accidents, protect yourself in advance.

We hope the information we have shared through this blog was practical and relevant to your query and doubts. We appreciate you to read more interesting blogs on this website that might be beneficial and informative for you. Thanks in advance.

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