How Can You Avoid Paying The Inheritance Tax In The UK?

You could save yourself more than hundred million pounds in your tax bills by following policies that would help you circumvent from paying Inheritance tax in the UK.

A research that is has been conducted in the UK indicates that as much as £530 million is set to be wasted in IHT yearly by all those who fail to pace life protection policies  ‘in trust’.

Not putting the policy in the trust could bring down a £100,000 life insurance pay out by as much as £40,000 in case an individual’s estate is value more than £325,000, leaving a beloved at risk of a substantial tax bill.

With rising prices of houses and a more floating economy, improving the investment values are set to leave a large number of taxpayers more than the £325,000 inheritance tax-free threshold that is set by the Government.

The amount of inheritance tax paid by British families is rising; and the IHT tax has been raised lately.

Trusts can be a savior for all your savings and also for your life insurance payouts. You can select for beneficiaries to receive all, or any precise amounts, of the money at the trustee’s discretion.

Avoiding Inheritance Tax in The UK

There are several different ways as how you can avoid inheritance tax in the UK:

  • You can generally give away nearly £3,000 every year which is exempted from the IHT. If you have not used this yearly exemption during your previous tax year, it can also be carried over into the subsequent tax year.
  • There is also an exemption for gifts, which enables you to give up to an amount of £250 each to any number of people every year, even though it cannot be the same person who received a gift from the £3,000 yearly exemption.
  • If you are making gifts over and above such exemptions, they perhaps still be free from inheritance, as long as you still living 7 years from the date the cash or gift exchanges hands.

Professionals state that it is imperative that you keep a record of any gifts you intend to make and note which exemption you have used will make administering your estate a lot easier. If you have complicated affairs or consider setting up a trust, it is crucial that you seek professional assistance. Find out more at rops adviser

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