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How Can Translation Services Help Your Business?

Currently, a rapidly growing number of UK businesses decide to approach international markets with their products and services. Globalisation and technology developments allow business owners to penetrate foreign markets more successfully than ever before. This trend is clearly visible not only within the large business sector, but what’s interesting, also in the SME sector.

Even in the current, uncertain ‘Brexit’ environment, UK businesses are still happy to invest abroad in order to reach new potential clients and explore larger markets. This, nevertheless, is easier said than done. In a number of cases, businesses fail to fully understand that even the smallest detail can make or break their expansion.

One of the most important aspects of business internationalisation is reaching and approaching the target audience in their native language. Surprisingly, a key factor which is often neglected by many business owners. Especially within the SME environment, this is looked at as something extra, rather than a necessity.

In fact, numbers show just how important translation services really are. A recent survey from Common Sense Advisory shows that today, 1 in 4 customers in the European Union regularly purchases goods from shops based abroad. However, around 90% of these customers feel more inclined to make a purchase if the information about the product/service is available in their native language and about a half of them admits to never purchase goods with the information available only in English!

Are Business Translation Services the Answer?

As you can see by the above numbers, the importance of translation services is fundamental. Business owners are starting to understand that the ‘one-for-all’ internationalisation approach simply doesn’t work any longer and a more tailored, individual method is required for each market you wish to target.

Consequently, translation agencies specialising in business translations are on the raise. TS24, a professional agency providing translation services in London saw a huge growth in the number of business customers this year. Interestingly, a large portion of those clients are London based SMEs, which are taking the full advantage of globalisation and require translation services to accomplish their professional goals.

For many business owners, translations can be a little complicated, especially if they do not have any previous experience in handling such project. Therefore, working with translation agencies such as Translation Services 24 can be extremely helpful and accommodating. 

What to translate?

This question keeps many business owners awake at night. Professional Translation needs to be incorporated within the company’s budget and so therefore it needs to be carefully planned. Translating all of your material may be costly, especially for an SME, however, not translating enough could harm your business and not attract enough customers.

Luckily, translation agencies such as Language Reach or TS24 are able to offer help and advice, allowing you to better understand the translation process itself and what may be required to translate in order to be successful abroad. The main translation areas are:

  1. Legal translations
  2. Marketing translations
  3. Website Translation
  • Translating your legal material is essential when approaching international markets. Whether it’s contracts, patents, terms & conditions or simple warranties, these documents often have legal power and therefore ensuring that your customers are able to understand them is key, from both – the business and legal point of view.
  • Marketing and advertising translations cover conveying material such as leaflets, brochures or product descriptions into the target language. As previously mentioned, majority of customers when shopping prefers to read the information in their native language, which then inclines them to committing to a purchase and therefore making sure that your marketing material is fully understood by them is necessary.
  • Although website translation can be considered as part of marketing translations, it is so important, it deserves a separate mention. In many cases, website is the very first point of contact between the customer and the business itself. If the content and information isn’t available in the visitor’s native language, he or she may simply leave the website and find your competitor. This is a scenario, which any business owner wants to avoid. Translating your website is important not only from the business point of view, but it is also significant for branding. A company which offers their website in several languages comes across more user-friendly and professional, which can be extremely beneficial when approaching new, foreign markets and trying to establish its position abroad.

As you can see, expanding business abroad requires not only time and money, but also a great deal of planning. Translation services are just a small part of this. They are however, a piece of puzzle without which the complete image cannot be finished. Luckily, a growing number of business owners begin to realise this and consequently, professional translation agencies such as TS24 or Language Reach are on a raise.

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