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How A Recruitment Agency Software Can Transform Your Staffing and Recruiting Business?

As recruitment has become extremely competitive in today’s time, there is a need to constantly evolve technologically to stay ahead of the curve. A recruitment agency software (Recruitment Agency ATS) has been a milestone in streamlining all hiring needs in the most organized and professional manner possible. A modern recruitment agency software is central to your recruiting process and ultimately your success. Our pick for the best software out there at the end of the article!

  • What is a recruitment agency software?

A recruitment agency software helps recruiters and HR professionals in keeping a track of candidates, clients and placements.  Not just that,  a recruitment agency software can be used to post job offers online, shortlist resumes, schedule and generate interview requests via email, generate automated responses and much more. It allows recruiters and companies to not waste time with administrative and manual tasks that don’t add value to the process. This helps them achieve an overall improved hiring process. The end result is that you save a great deal of time to be able to focus on looking out for quality talent.

A recruitment agency software comes with a lot of very helpful features. Some of the most common ones are individual applicant tracking, automated resume parsing, sourcing extension integrated with chrome browser, integration with free job portals and company websites, response tracking, social sharing, managing email templates, performance reports etc.

  • How can a recruitment agency software transform your recruiting and staffing business?
  1. Saves 20% of talent screening time – A recruitment agency software helps recruiters filter through the large pools of applications coming in without wasting time spent on going through it manually. It organises all of this data neatly that you can go through and take decisions really quickly.
  2. Capture and Retrieve Data– As a recruiter at a recruitment/staffing agency, you are potentially dealing with hundreds of candidates every month. If you have manual data entry and retrieval process, it can take hours of your time everyday that you could’ve spent on better things. A recruitment agency software can help you automate this and stay on top of the task list.
  3. Cost-effective- A good recruitment agency software saves you the agency cost of putting up job advertisements, internal hiring to go through the workload manually. The software efficiently manages talent acquisition without much support.
  4. Allows you to work virtually– A cloud-based recruitment agency software saves resources like no other. You need no infrastructure. Your team can work from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. A great choice if you’re a startup and looking to save some dough!
  5. Easier Application Process – A recruitment agency software can help you set up application forms with relevant questions for each posting on the company website or even via email, so candidates don’t repeatedly face through these during screening. Some of the modern software even allow knockout questions that auto disqualify candidates based on their responses to the application form.
  6. Mobile-Friendly System – 40% of mobile candidates abandon the application process when the company website or job portal is not mobile friendly. With an integrated recruitment agency software that supports mobile use, there is no need to lose out on this ambit of talent.
  7. Good candidate experience– Since hiring has become candidate-centric now, you can’t ignore that the process must be enriching for your applicants. By automating parts of the process and streamlining it, stay rest assured about giving out a strong brand image to your candidates.


If you are a recruitment/staffing agency business, you need to have a recruitment agency software. There are hundreds of software out there to choose from. You have options on cloud hosted or on-premise solutions. However, one solution that stands apart is Recruiterflow.

Recruiterflow is a young startup that is giving modern recruiters tools to deal with modern recruitment process. It’s a beautiful software that is well designed to work with you and customizable according to your priorities. Check it out. They even offer a free trial of 14 days!

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