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High-Risk Drivers Guide

The increasing numbers of careless motorists plaguing the roads and highways have led to an increase in the rate of car-related accidents and mishaps. This unexpected but tragic incident has cost the lives of many and has created a lot of damages to the vehicles of motorists. Damages caused by car collisions and road accidents are often expensive and leave car owners with a pile of expensive bills and debt in their hands. These are problems that are usually faced by car owners who have failed to purchase auto insurance.

Among the reasons why a great number of car owners have failed to avail of car insurance services, is the cost of car insurance. Some drivers and car owners are not able to afford the premiums provided by various car insurance companies. These car owners are not aware that there are a number of auto insurance companies that can afford them good quality services for very low prices. For car owners in Texas, it is necessary to know which among the multitude of car insurance companies offer affordable rates and where they can be found.

Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

If you’ve ever had your license suspended, had too many traffic violations, or been convicted of a felony, criminal negligence, or DUI (driving under the influence), you’ll probably have been told that:

  • your auto insurance policy can be canceled
  • you will be classified as a “high-risk driver

Most insurance companies deal with convicted DUI drivers by increasing the drivers’ policy rates, completely canceling the policy, or disallowing renewal of the policy.

Once this happens to you, you’ll need to apply for proof of insurance to Texas DMV that lasts from 3 to 5 years. Not only that, but more than likely, your Texas auto insurance company will be asked to furnish the DMV with an SR-22 form in order for your license suspension to be lifted. Filing the SR-22 form would mean that your insurance company cancels your insurance for any reason; they will need to notify the DMV.

What Exactly is Texas SR-22 Auto Insurance?

Texas-SR 22 auto insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility, or simply, a high-risk car insurance form. It is usually required in: DUIs, refusal to take breathalyzer tests in suspected DUIs, multiple instances of at-fault accidents, or a lapse of insurance after an at-fault accident.

The form provides a guarantee by the auto insurance company that even being classified as a high-risk driver, you are still covered by the state of Texas’s mandated minimum limits for coverage. It is also important that this type of policy is not allowed to lapse. Insurance companies that provide SR-22 are required to notify the state of such lapses, and when it does, your license will immediately be suspended by the DMV until such a time as the insurance is renewed or reinstated.

Where to Look for SR-22 Texas Auto Insurance

Texas auto insurance companies are not required by the state to provide SR-22s. However, there are still some companies that offer this coverage.

To find one, inquire first with your present insurance company and ask if they can file it for you. If they say they can’t, then that’s the time to start your search.

Start looking by searching online for companies that offer high-risk coverage. A lot of top companies still offer this coverage because a lot of companies realize that most drivers who get bad records will not necessarily continue having bad driving habits and that there are always opportunities for change. Supplying these opportunities is one way Texas auto insurance companies help high-risk drivers reform and improve their records.

There are still a lot of options high-risk drivers can find in looking for high-risk coverage. Because of the nature of high-risk coverage having high premiums, many insurance companies realize there is a huge need for this type of coverage.

A previous good or outstanding record with your current or previous insurance company may help you in looking for better rates, and in some cases totally avoid getting increased rates. What is important to note is that, though you may have a blemished record, nothing is unsalvageable. Everything can be set to right, and that starts by finding a good Texas auto insurance company that will let you start over again!

Getting the Best Texas Car Insurance

Finding auto insurance companies in Texas with the lowest quotes can be difficult if done on your own. One way of finding the best auto insurance company in Texas with reasonably low quotes is by seeking the assistance of a car insurance expert. These experts are aware of the favorable prices of auto insurance and are knowledgeable on where to find cheap auto insurance services.

Another way of spotting top-performing auto insurance companies with affordable quotes is through the internet. The internet provides car owners with tons of search engines that enable them to search for auto insurance companies according to quotes. The internet also provides car owners with a list of the best Texas car insurance companies and their corresponding quotes. Car Insurance websites like Young America Insurance provide a way to get online quotes and this allows drivers to conveniently make a comparison, allowing them to end up with the lowest possible quote. Broadening ones’ options enables one to maximize his chances of landing the best-buy auto insurance services.

Car Insurance Discounts

Car owners can also avail of the numerous discounts offered by car insurance companies. One way of qualifying for these discounts is by purchasing a car that is known to be generally safe on the road. Another way of lowering car insurance quote is by adding safety features to their cars. These include anti-theft alarms and similar devices.

Having a spotless driver’s record also significantly lowers one’s Texas car insurance quotes. This is due to the fact that these drivers are less involved in vehicular accidents and road mishaps.

Auto insurance companies in Texas also provide lower car insurance quotes for those who use their car minimally. These people include those who reside in homes that are within close proximity to their workplaces. This is because these people only drive short distances per day and are less prone to road accidents.

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