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Here’s How You Can Invest In Axis Mutual Fund Using A Mutual Fund Platform

Investment is what allows a person to make his or her money work a little more for them in order to increase their finances even when their earning capacity might remain relatively consistent. It is a general belief that a person should invest only when he or she is able to establish a stable source of income to avoid the risk of losing their savings due to market risks.

Mutual Fund instead, works as a financial ‘vehicle’ pooling the investments from many individuals, which is then ‘driven’ or operated by a fund manager – a committed professional working towards allocating the fund’s assets and attempting to get capital gains for the investors.

Axis Mutual Funds has its presence in over 90 cities. It boasts 20 lacs active investor accounts. One of the major reasons behind this success is due to the variety of schemes that it offers, which is currently at fifty. Mutual Fund Platforms can assist any individual who is interested in investing in Axis Mutual Funds.

Investing in Axis Mutual Funds Using Mutual Fund Platforms

Mutual Fund

  • Before availing the services of any mutual fund platform, make sure to do a thorough background search on them.

Although the AMC (Asset Management Company) are fiduciary firms, it is still important to gain insight about them before entering into business with them. Make sure that the platform you are choosing has appropriate references and recommendations by old investors.  The platform must be transparent, committed and respectable.

  • Check whether they have SIP and SWP.

SIP refers to Systematic Investment Plan and SWP refers to Systematic Withdrawal Plan. Both these plans are highly necessary in order to create a sufficient plan. Such plans help because by investing a small amount of money through diversified schemes over a period of time, one is able to create greater wealth in the future.

  • Determine your plan.

Mutual funds can be invested through two types of plans. These are:

  1. Regular Plans –

Such plans have a fund manager who can help investors gain profit by using his expertise in the field on investment. In return, he or she is paid commission which is usually 0.5% for debt schemes and 1% for equity schemes.

  1. Direct Plans –

Investors do not have any fund managers and hence do not need pay any commission.

It is generally advised that one should invest in regular plans because one may not have expertise knowledge in the investment field, or time or big savings in order to avail the best advantages of Axis mutual funds.

With time, as one learns with experience, the investor can opt for investing in axis mutual funds through direct plans.

  • Determine your goal.

The most important aspect of investing in mutual funds is the variety of goals that it offers. The investor has the opportunity of investing in that kind of goal, which is the best according to his or her needs:

  • Short term goals –
    Duration – 6 months to 1 year
  • Mid-term goals –
    Duration – 2 years to 5 years
  • Long term goals -Duration – Beyond 5 years

Based on the above information and selections, the mutual fund platform will incorporate the use of its best experts to analyze the data, evaluate each scribe, compare with various schemes and then create the most suitable and ideal portfolio and scheme for those investing in axis mutual funds.

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