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Gtlot Review – Getting Off To The Right Start

In the last decade or do, online trading has created a lot of hype because of the potential it offers to everyone. Who doesn’t want to make sky-rocketing profits with a small investment? The fact that there is low competition and almost no barriers to entry have only added to the overall appeal. As long as you are 18 or above, most brokers online are willing to cater to you and let you access the various financial markets to trade in. There are thousands of instruments available for trading and each has its own unique capability of generating profits.

But, no matter which one you wish to trade, you first need to find a broker. They act as the bridge connecting you to financial markets and you need to select one that can offer you the trading conditions and assets you require. With a number of brokers operating in the market, you will have plenty of options to choose from. It is important to understand that every broker is different in its own right and you have to study them carefully to know exactly how they differ from the rest. One of the brokers in the market that you will find is GTlot. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, they have not been around for as long as some other brokers, which can make people skeptical.

However, you shouldn’t write a broker off without considering their services and evaluating their offerings. Know more about GTlot before you make a decision:

What Kind Of Trading Platform Will You Get?

The first thing to determine about a broker is their trading platform, as this feature often distinguishes them from the rest. The platform affects your trading experience so it does deserve some attention. When it comes to GTlot, you will discover that this broker has chosen a popular route; they offer a web trading platform, one that’s accessed via the web browser rather than being installed on your desktop. This translates to no downloading and enjoying cross-device functionality because you just need a browser and internet support.

The broker has developed this trading platform with state-of-the-art technology and it does provide you useful features like one-click trading, advanced charting functionalities, order management, live market news and other similar tools. But, if you don’t want to access the platform via the browser, you can download the mobile apps provided by GTlot. They are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and enable you to access your account on the move as well.

What Trading Instruments Can You Trade?

This question is also important because you want to know what markets will be open to you. This is especially vital for traders who are interested in specific markets like the forex market or the stock market. It is also necessary for those who want to diversify because they want to ensure they have lots of options to do so. GTlot is suitable for traders falling in both categories because it has added more than 300 trading instruments to its asset index.

You can start with the forex market, which comprises of various currency pairs that can be major, minor and exotic. Traders are free to invest in as many as they like. The stock market is also accessible with stocks of different leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google being offered. For more variety, you will find precious metals like gold, indices like S&P 500, bonds, commodities like wheat, cocoa and cotton, amongst others.

What Security Measures Are Implemented?

Considering the sensitive information you share with a broker and the fact that you trust them with your money will certainly make people security conscious. You don’t want your funds or your information to end up in the wrong hands, so it is recommended that you choose a broker that prioritizes security. When you visit GTlot’s website, you will find a detailed security policy. They start with customer account segregation for protecting client funds from being misappropriated. To keep information safe, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption has also been implemented.

This keeps all information shared with the broker under wraps. Apart from these measures, GTLot’s security policy also shows that the broker follows the international standards of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). The purpose of these policies is to verify that those signing up with the broker are authentic profiles and not fake ones made by cybercriminals to take any advantage. These policies require traders to submit proof of identity (POI) and proof of residence (POR).

What Customer Support Options Are Provided?

One aspect of a broker that no trader should neglect is their customer support. Oftentimes during trading, you will get stuck at some point or need help with understanding the broker’s services. If there is no support available, it can result in a lot of inconvenience and hassle for the trader, which you wish to avoid at all costs. Hence, customer support is important and GTlot offers it 24/7. The broker has come up with several channels that can be used by their clients for reaching out to their team.

You can try getting in touch via phone, in case the query is urgent. If not, GTlot gives you the option of using email or completing the Contact Us form on their website. They should have added the live chat option because this would have made it extra convenient. Regardless, their team is responsive and tries to be as quick as possible in helping clients resolving any complaints or problems.

Final Thoughts

Some additional perks that GTlot has to offer include their educational resources, their account options for every trader, along with easy and supportive banking policies. The trading conditions of the broker are also beneficial because they don’t make trading too costly for the client. There is not a huge learning curve involved and registration is straightforward as well. Thus, it means that every trader can get off to the right start with the help of GTlot and trade without any major issues.

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