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Getting Up Safely from a Fall: How can Caregivers Help

Most people can fall and get up quickly and safely. However, the aged or people with mobility issues can have difficulties getting up safely from a fall. More so, it can be challenging for a caregiver to help the person to get up.

It is therefore essential to have the skills necessary to apply when assisting someone in getting up. One should also distinguish between physically capable and physically challenged people. You should take extreme care while assisting someone in getting up, especially if they have physical challenges.

This article contains recommendations on the best approaches while assisting someone in getting up from a fall.

How to Safely Assist Someone Get up from a Fall

After we fall, we tend to get up quickly, which is not such a great idea since it can lead to more injuries. If you are a caregiver, you should ease the fallen person and convince them to stand up cautiously without rushing.

Though the caregiver may assist, the fallen person should put in the most effort. If they cannot lift themselves, even with support, the caregiver should stop the attempts to lift them and seek medical assistance immediately.

Follow these helpful guidelines to assist someone to get up safely:

  • Be alert but calm. Proceed slowly and be alert enough to make a stop instantly, if need be.
  • If the individual uses a power wheelchair for mobility, place it in front of them. Ensure that you turn off or lock the brakes of the powered wheelchair. You can also place a sturdy chair nearby.
  • Direct and assist the individual in rolling over onto one side, then slowly come into a relaxed semi-seated position
  • Wait until the person is ready to get on their feet and sit in the wheelchair.
  • Help them get their forearms onto the seat of the wheelchair.
  • Also, assist them in turning the body so that the person can comfortably sit on the chair.

Medical and Mobility Solutions

It is critical to know what to do when someone falls so that you can keep the care recipient safe and free from further injuries. In addition to this, you should also seek to understand why falls occur and the best prevention methods to impose.

Suppose you are a caregiver, and your loved one stumbles and falls from time to time or is having difficulty carrying out mobility-related activities. In that case, you should probably seek professional medical advice. Don’t wait till it gets worse and you rush the recipient to an emergency department.

Book an appointment with your doctor and assist your loved one get to the hospital. If they have extreme difficulty walking, you can get a power wheelchair for transportation to and from the hospital. The doctor may attend to the patient or refer you to a mobility health expert.

A face-to-face session with a qualified medical professional will raise the chances of quick recovery. The mobility health expert will carry out a mobility examination and medical tests. These tests enable the doctor to decide the most suitable mobility solution for your loved one.

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