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Firework Shop UK.

Firework Shop UK.

Fireburst Fireworks Shop provides Category 2 and Category 3 fireworks for home(garden) firework displays by the general public. We’re suppliers of all kinds of retail fireworks, including rockets, cakes, roman candles and catherine wheels – Everything you need to host a unique and varied firework display!

What should I include in my firework display?

It can be tough to know what cheap fireworks to include in your home firework display, but we’d recommend you go for a variety. For the high sky action you’ll want a rocket pack or two! For mid-sky and width you’ll want cake fireworks or a fan-style firework. If you’re looking for some lower to the ground action then catherine wheels are a great choice!

How much do I need to spend to produce a display to be proud of?

It’s common to wonder what kind of budget you’ll be looking at to host a garden firework display, but there’s really no set formula. You’ll need to consider what’s most important to you, the length of the show, or the intensity of the show. You can create a perfectly good, simple firework display for around £100 – but the bigger you go, the more impressive the display will be and the longer it will live in the memory of the audience. So it really isn’t an exact science, but we’re always confident the cheap fireworks sale we offer won’t disappoint.

What else do I need to consider to host a cheap firework display?

Other considerations to take into account include the size of the outdoor area you’ll be hosting your firework display. Category 2 (F2) fireworks have a minimum distance to the audience of 8 metres (we call these Small Garden Fireworks), and Category 3 (F3) fireworks need a minimum distance to the audience of 25 metres, so you’ll need a large garden/outdoor space for the bigger stuff.

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