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FINETERO Review – Trading with Complete Confidence

Trading in the financial market is a lucrative opportunity that no one wants to miss out on. Of course there are risks, probably a bit higher than in any other markets, but the rewards are also worth it. The best thing about advancement and technology is that trading has become easier than ever for people. You can trade from the comfort of your home, set your own hours and invest as much as you like. But, an essential ingredient that you do require for accomplishing your goals is a broker. Since online brokers are also plenty in number, most people assume that it won’t be a problem to pick one.

This is where you turn out to be wrong because the greater number of options means that you have to select which broker would be the right fit for you. It is vital to remember that not every broker is the same, as their offerings can be vastly different. If you don’t want to regret your choice, you have to do some homework. You cannot just take the broker’s word for what they are offering; if you do so, you would have to choose every single broker you come across because each of them is going to make similar claims.

When you are sifting through the options at your disposal, you will find FINETERO standing out repeatedly. The broker is a registered and licensed company. You can check their license number that has been granted to them by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIS), which is the Estonian Ministry of Economics. This confirms that it is a legitimate company offering CFD (Contract for Difference) trading opportunities to its clients. But, this is not all that it offers. You will find several other features that can be quite appealing. Some of these are mentioned below:

An extensive range of trading instruments

The first thing that you will discover about FINETERO is that it has put together a wide range of trading instruments on its platform for its clients. This is undoubtedly a bonus because it gives you a chance to invest in different financial markets and enjoy the opportunities available. The options start from the forex currency market, which is the biggest financial market in the world. You will find a horde of currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF available offered by the broker.

Along with this market, the broker has also added cryptocurrencies, the new virtual currencies that have become all the rage these days. You can trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum amongst others. There are commodities, such as precious metals, natural energies and agricultural products, which FINETERO has added to give you a stable market to trade in. Along with these options, the broker also allows you to trade the top indices like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and FTSE 100.

A secure trading environment

One of the most vital features that traders need to be able to trade without any concerns is a secure trading environment. Finding this is easier said than done, because not every broker will prioritize security. However, this can be a big mistake, considering the number of cyberattacks that are happening nowadays. At FINETERO, you can find the kind of environment you are looking for. The broker has not taken security lightly, whether it is of your information or your money.

For the former, the broker has opted for advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that immediately encrypts all information that traders share. This ensures that no one can gain access to this information without your consent. To protect your funds, they have chosen to go with account segregation, as mandated by international security standards. This means that your funds will be kept in separate accounts and with some of the most reliable banks in the world. As the broker’s funds are kept separate, there is no chance of mix up or any misappropriation.

A well-rounded trading platform

The primary feature that online brokers offer to traders is the trading platform i.e. the software they use for trading. If the platform is not up to the mark, you will not be able to have a positive and smooth trading experience. Therefore, you need to know what trading platform will be available when you sign up with a particular broker. When it comes to FINETERO, they have chosen to offer their clients with the Active8 trading platform, which is powered by state-of-the-art technology and is capable of delivering an optimal trading experience. How?

This trading platform has a user-friendly interface, which ensures that every trader, regardless of their experience, will be able to navigate it without any problems. You don’t have to spend hours trying to understand how it works. Moreover, as it is a desktop-based platform, it needs to be downloaded, but even that process doesn’t take you more than a few minutes. It allows you to execute trades super-fast and boasts an array of trading tools that can help you throughout the trading process. These include advanced charting tools, the latest market news, technical analysis and fundamental analysis tools, economic calendar and risk management tools.

You can trade multiple assets via one platform and also take advantage of multiple trading strategies and execution orders. Apart from this trading platform, FINETERO has also added mobile trading apps for its clients, as it has become the need of the day. Modern traders enjoy the flexibility that these apps can offer because they allow you to trade from anywhere and anytime. You can download them on your iOS or Android device, as per your preference and have access to your account 24/7. This allows you to keep up with the market and take advantage of any and all opportunities.

Wrap Up

In addition to these features, FINETERO also comes with educational resources, top-notch customer support, great trading conditions and a diverse range of account options that allow every trader to use their services for trading confidently.

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