Features of the Best Field Service Management Software

Running a field service business can be challenging and overwhelming. It involves managing workers and equipment and addressing customers’ needs 24/7. To overcome the complexity, you must invest in Field Service Management Software. But first, you must prioritize checking the features of the field service management software.

Here are features of the best field service management software.

1. Efficient Scheduling And Dispatching

Scheduling and dispatching enable you to plan deliveries and keep in contact with your team. Being on top of your schedule is a sure way to ensure that your organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

The best Field Service Management Software should have features of scheduling and dispatching. The software will assist you in workforce capacity planning, real-time updates on your job and team status, and scheduling your team by individual or team.

2. Quoting and Invoicing

It would help if you had software with the convenient feature to build and track your business for higher sales opportunities. You’ll be able complete your dynamic proposal and invoices virtually using the feature. Also, you can generate your business quotes.

3. Customer and Asset Management

Knowing your customers and their needs is key to better customer service. You can store the customers’ contact details, customer history, interactions with field technicians, and everything you need to complete the task. Ensure your software has customer management features that enable customers to track their job progress, make payments, and communicate with your service agents.

Additionally, you will be able to track and automate maintenance reminders of your assets. You’ll be able to track your internal and external inventory from any location.

4. Work Order Management

Work order has gone digital, and every company is trying to do away with paperwork orders. Work order is a standard feature of field service software that enables you to streamline the process and eliminate errors and confusion.

You’ll be able to see the technician responsible for each order. Additionally, the feature allows your technician to document their work for each specific job. After completing, your technician can click in the system to mark completion.

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5. Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility is an essential feature of FSM software. Mobile compatibility lets you view your operations in remote areas and coordinate operations and adjustments. Also, your technicians can access timely instructions while in the field.

6. Data Collection and Processing

Having excellent visibility of your business operations relies on the data you have. Collecting and analyzing data from all your sites is essential for your field service business. The software should include features to get real-time data on time and expense tracking and your field operations.

Data collection and reporting helps you analyze data and identify trends and pattern. With such insights, you can make better business decisions and demand forecasting. Also, you can see your job scheduling effectiveness and your technicians’ output and make changes where necessary.


Field service management software improves your business operations and is the key to the success of many field service businesses. However, FSM software is a significant business investment, and you must get it right. Getting it right involves buying the best FSM software with the right features. So, next time you buy one, ensure the software has the above features.

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