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Eco-Friendly Academy Ties For Schools

In line with the UK Government’s aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and in support of the climate issues raised at COP 26 in Glasgow last year, many schools are committed to more sustainable practices. From installing more energy-efficient boilers and going paperless, educational institutions across Britain are finding new and innovative ways to back the Government’s green agenda. As part of this effort, some schools are taking an environmentally friendly approach to uniform and sourcing academy ties manufactured from sustainable materials.

Read on to explore this change in environmental attitude for education and why eco-friendly school ties are an ideal way forward for a greener future.

Climate Change Education For Next Year

Last November, the UK Education Secretary announced his vision that all UK children in school will be taught the importance of protecting and conserving the planet. Next year in 2023, a new science curriculum will teach British children about the environment and how they impact it. Additionally, a new climate Leaders Award will allow pupils to learn new knowledge and skills related to sustainability and biodiversity.

Other plans outlined by the Education Secretary involved reducing the carbon footprint of schools, with new technology to replace traditional boilers with renewable energy sources like solar panels. While these are significant investments for greener schools in the UK, creating an eco-conscious environment where every aspect of the education system is assessed in terms of sustainability is also essential.

A Greener Approach To School Ties

Over the last three decades, polyester ties have been the go-to option for most British schools. Unfortunately, this man-made material used for academy ties typically uses crude oil. As a result, natural resources are used up and harmful emissions are produced during manufacturing.

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Today forward-thinking companies have developed an eco-friendlier way of producing polyester yarn for school ties. The yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles which would otherwise have ended up in a landfill or be deposited in the ocean. Plastic objects can take more than 1000 years to break down and, as they degrade, they pollute soil and watercourses infecting our food chain. These innovative school ties not only repurpose plastic but are manufactured using British mills that run on solar energy. This ensures that all stages of production are as green as possible.

Schools that select to buy a stock of ties from such green suppliers are usually given a certificate as proof of their sustainable choice. As a result, they can display them proudly, showing parents, pupils and local authorities evidence of their commitment to the UK’s green agenda.

Schools Working With The Government

To create positive change many educational institutions across the UK are working with the Government. National campaigns like Let’s Go Zero are supported by school heads, parents and pupils and back the green initiatives outlined by ministers.

To raise the awareness of green issues with pupils and their families, campaigners believe that every small step taken can have a significant and lasting impact on the planet. By simply changing the type of school ties worn by students from non-sustainable polyester material to an eco-friendlier option made of recycled materials, colleges and academies can make a substantial difference.

Schools that take on a sustainable stance on uniforms worn by pupils can take their local community on the same journey towards a greener future for the UK.

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