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Does Installing Solar Power Increase the Value of Your Home?

Electricity is one of the most expensive things we routinely pay for in our lives. We need it for our phones, our lights, to see, and to do pretty much everything else. We’re dependent on our technology whether we like it or not. Without electricity, there really isn’t much that we could do. It’s basically a necessity at this point, with not a single house running without any form of electrical power.

However, you might be looking for a different source of electrical power outside of fossil fuels. If you’re wondering just what, then simply read ahead!

There are a few options to take aside from going with your local electricity provider, with some areas providing different functions such as using renewable energy, usually generated by either geothermal or solar thermal energy. Renewable energy has been around for ages, and only recently did people begin to use it more with the creation of solar panels and the use of it by big companies like TESLA.

Solar Powers work by using the ‘photovoltaic effect’ where particles of sunlight meet electrons free from atoms, which creates a ripple effect that sets the flow of electrons. This flow is what causes electricity, and the panels are designed to capture this flow to generate it around whatever you’re powering.

The panels have a layer consisting of silicon cells, and to sum it up, this is what generates your electricity. Cool, right?

Are you Interested in Using Solar Power in your House?

Well, if that’s the case, we already have some really good news for you. Not only are solar panels easy to install, but solar power can also increase the value of your home, with homebuyers meeting the demands of energy and efficiency costs. In fact, in 2020, California has already gotten ahead by being the first state in the USA to strictly require solar panels built-in all new homes.

A research conducted by Zillow stated that a homeowner adding solar power in their house raises its markup the same way a newly renovated kitchen, living room, or basement does. So don’t worry about losing any money if you decide to move again after installing them, because you’ll definitely make your money back with its price markup. For example, a house with solar panels has the possibility to sell for 9.9% more compared to a house that does not.

Commercial solar panel degradation | Solar Technologies

Fun fact: If you live in the USA, having your house run on Solar Power is actually profitable. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) is one way to earn extra cash through bill credits.

You might be wondering how this is happening. Well, as time goes on and normal electricity becomes more expensive, the value of your solar power rises along with it as well. Although the exact increase might vary from house to house with factors like location, size, and the original value of your house comes into play.

Solar Power is also excellent for the environment. This type of renewable energy does not produce any sort of air pollution or greenhouse gases, making it much more sustainable than the frequent use of fossil fuels.

Recent natural disasters like heat waves and crazy tropical storms caused many people to search for eco-friendly ways to fuel their houses. Not only does this save the environment, but it also gives homeowners more control in utilizing their electricity.

To give you a better outlook, here’s a full outlook on what it looks like own a solar-powered house:


  • Lower Electricity Bill
  • Improves the value of your home
  • Reduces carbon footprints
  • Helps combat the rise in electricity costs
  • Can be a long term investment


  • Doesn’t work on every roof
  • Not great if you’re planning on moving soon
  • Buying solar panels can be expensive
  • Finding people to install solar power can be difficult

It’s good to do your own research before deciding to do the jump from fossil fuels to solar power. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to having either. Besides, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, and making sure that you make the right decision is crucial.

Solar Power is just one of many renewable energy sources that you can use to fuel your electricity. Though it does have much more benefits like raising your home value higher than it originally was. If you do decide to make the jump, then congratulations on having the new life of living sustainably!

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