Do You Wish Your Product Markings Were More Efficient?

Some companies still rely on conventional marking solutions to get the work done. However, many have moved on to automatic solutions. Why? Because there are many limitations you will have to face with conventional methods. Even though machinery like hand stamping tools is available easily in the market but they are not very reliable. They have limited to offer. The users can only do stamping on a few objects.

One of the main reasons companies are abandoning traditional marking solutions is that they demand reliable repetition. All conventional solutions generally require human input. We have to acknowledge that human workers have less output capacity compared to automatic machines. Therefore, they are basically a gamble with quality and efficiency.

Due to all these issues, the experts of the marking industry choose to automate the whole process. All thanks to the genius creators, now there are several tools such as dot peen, inkjet, and laser technologies available for users. is considered one of the best manufacturers of automatic marking solutions as they have an endless variety of products.

What is Automation?

Experts are invested in the ongoing process to build manufacturing lines. People are working day and night to have automation built-in products and their development processes. The manufacturing industry is working hard and smart to provide optimizing solutions for tasks. From seat belts to robot servers, everything is automatic these days.

Today, production companies offer a wide range of designs that are adjustable and handy. This proves that the designers know that to build new infrastructure for adding new technology is not the best choice. Creating and installing a new setup each time for the addition of new features is inefficient and expensive.

Likewise, manufacturers of marking equipment also know how every specific manufacturing plant is built. They design the products in such a way that they can be easily installed in their production setup. Automating marking can be defined as a blend of these two aspects.

Infrastructure Design

A marking automation design can be categorised into two units. The first category consists of the production unit. Whereas, the second unit includes the marking equipment. The production unit needs to make sure that the product component is fixated properly in its position. It should not move during the process of marking. Whenever the part is properly positioned, it conveys to the marking equipment that it should start marking.

Once marking is done, the marking machinery informs the production unit. Which in turn permits the marked item to shift forward and place a new item in its place. This is considered a high-quality design that is used repetitively by companies. You must know that a design with added details would be made taking several factors into consideration. Mostly, the electronics communicate the signals between the marking equipment and the production unit.

In the same way, the mechanical design would need to work to hold and position the parts to mark correctly. Safety is one of the main factors that need to be considered. It is necessary to prevent any laser reflection of high intensity of a human or surface that is between dot-peen machinery and the work item. Therefore, the planners might keep the whole marking work area enclosed.

Marking Equipment Design

The marking apparatus manufacturers used to take intensive steps for embedding their tools into an automatic producing setup. Now, there are marking machines that have programmable software. Customers can modify and fix parameters like strength and speed of marking, marking patterns, material types, etc.

Also, the electronic design makes sure that the commonly used signal protocols are easily available for integration of the marking tools. This means that user interfaces are very simple and operators do not need any expert training. A user just needs to work the plug and the automatic machinery would do its work. 


In today’s time, automation is a much-needed work solution for businesses to operate well. The marking industry is leaving no stones unturned to make sure that manufacturing infrastructures do not have to face difficulties. They have come up with several solutions that work with different technologies to automate the process of marking.

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