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Do You Have A “Sharp” Mind? There Is A Good Chance That Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube And Google Will Be Happy To Hire You For Work, Starting Tomorrow Morning

Dreaming about working and taking part in the high-tech world but do not want to be a programmer? It turns out that there is a new “Star” by ECOM College that shatters all predictions – the Cyber field. With a potential salary of $10,000 a month (and more) and 2 million vacancies alone, whether you’re debating what to study or looking for a career change, it turns out anyone with a bit of a “criminal” mind can find themselves holding a key position at one of the world’s largest companies. curious? Us as well, we checked it out for you.

hot. steamy. fiery. These are probably the best words to describe what has been happening in the high-tech world since the Corona virus crisis, in an area where for years all experts have been claiming to be “the next big thing.”

In a world where the word “programming” has become almost the second name of the high-tech sector, it turns out that there is a new “Star” from ECOM College who shuffled the cards against all predictions. Following the sharp transition of all the major companies in the world to cloud technology (“Cloud”), along with the accessibility, severe security vulnerabilities are also created. This has caused the large entities (Internet companies, banks, insurance companies and more) to place a major emphasis on the issue of Information Security.

It is no secret that Israel and ECOM College are a cyber powerhouse with a huge number of startups in the field. In fact, this year alone brought a huge 1.9 Billion Dollars Exit from Foresight, and according to the data, Israel is responsible for about 10% of the global cyber market (transactions in Billions of Dollars each year).

If that is not enough, in light of the Corona Virus crisis and the accelerated transition of large companies to the digital world, the need for information protection is so great that many of those companies have begun to build entire departments of Cyber. That is why both you and I can suddenly find ourselves working on Facebook, Google, Amazon or one of the largest banks in America.

In fact, there is currently a shortage of about 2 million employees in the field worldwide.

In a world where the starting salary is about $5,000 and within a few years it can reach $10,000-$15,000, more and more people have discovered this unique opportunity and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The leading body in the country that helps fill in the gaps and equips people from the community (without a preliminary background) to the Cyber world, is ECOM College.

We met Ben Siboni, one of the owners of ECOM College, to understand what the commotion around Cyber is all about, is it a real thing and who is this profession for.

According to Mr. Siboni, “People are dying to get into high tech, but they give up because for them, programming is not an option. Unfortunately, they have no idea what the real trend in this world is right now, so they are missing out on a tremendous opportunity that is sitting under their noses.”

What do you mean?

“Look, everyone’s talking about digital marketing, software testing, programming. All of these are good and beautiful (our college also has great courses on these topics), but you know, every class has the “class queen” and in recent years the queen has definity been the Cyber field. In this field it is also relatively easy to find a job.”

What does that mean? To my knowledge, programmers are always sought after.

“That’s true, but you’ll be competing against a lot of other good programmers in the sector. If you went to study a programming language and you graduate after one year and get a certificate, you go out to compete for jobs against people who have completed 4 years of Computer Science degree, or have years of experience working with code. “Taking some ‘short’ programming course and being hired for work, is not something which is a part of reality. I don’t believe it works this way.”

So, you’re basically saying that studying the traditional fields is bad?

“No, of course not. There’s nothing wrong with it, but let’s talk about the good parts and not about the bad ones. All areas are wonderful, but we’re here at ECOM College for a reason. We want to have a good job in a good company with a (very) rewarding salary and a growth channel for years ahead, right? So, in the Cyber field, the demand is extremely high, we have 10,000 vacancies in Israel alone and these are within the leading companies in the economy. Can you show me another field that is just looking to take in workers, and pay them a high salary for a starting position? I do not know of another profession as such.”

You are right, I really don’t know of another field with such high demand and low supply.

“True, and this is a unique shortage which won’t exist forever, there is a time window now and the opportunity should be seized as long as its possible. The big companies don’t have time, they need quality manpower in the field (Cyber) and fast, so you can say that its first come first serve and who ever joins the field sooner, wins.”

“One and a half Million jobs in the world. Show me another field that is just looking to take on workers, and pay them a high salary for starting positions. I do not know of another profession which offers the same benefits like that.”

Ben, explain to me and all the readers what “Cyber” is. Everyone is shouting “Cyber, Cyber, Cyber” all day, I’m not at all sure anyone knows what it actually means.

“Listen, ‘Cyber’ refers to the entire virtual world, with an emphasis on the world of the Internet. In other words, its everything. When people say Cyber they usually mean protection against Cyber-attacks. Meaning, information protection against unwanted and illegal intruders, which are commonly called in sang “hackers”. Are you familiar with these movies where someone is breaking into the Pentagon in the United States or shutting off all of the electricity and infrastructures? This is exactly what can happen if the entities holding the keys do not have good protection. It’s that important. ”

So basically, the people who know Cyber are supposed to prevent the world from crashing?

“I wouldn’t say the world, this is not a scene from a James Bond movie. After all, today every company has databases stored on the Internet, including personal details, bank accounts, credit cards. The world of e-commerce is evolving every year with trillions of Dollars in transactions. It means that these companies need protection, and those who provide this protection to these companies are the Cyber people.”

A cyber man is kind of an ‘Iron Man’, is that what you’re saying?

“[Ben laughs] it’s a funny way to describe it, but yeah. In Marvel’s world, you have Captain America and Iron Man, in the military we have the General Staff patrol, and in the world of technology, meaning startups and big companies, we have cyber people guarding the fortress from falling. That’s the reason why this profession is so prestigious and important (which offers a salary accordingly to its importance). So yes, it’s a pretty accurate comparison.”

But wait, antivirus is not enough? How did all the crazy buzz around this field come about??

“You’re right. There used to be antivirus software, and that’s it, It used to be enough. But together with the ‘Cloud’ world and network information storage, arrived also accessibility which created huge dangers. Accessibility also invites bad people with bad intentions to try and access that information pretty easily. Antivirus has long been insufficient. The warfare of information security has reached levels you would never imagine.”

Wow, sounds a little scary.

“Don’t deceive yourself. There have always been people who want to harm the world, and in recent years a new space has simply been created for those people to do it – the Internet space. Once aware of this, we can produce a good enough of a defense. The truth is, so far the world is doing a good job holding on.”

And in terms of the job itself, what exactly do you actually do as a Cyber expert?

“Honestly it’s pretty cool. Today’s approach says that in order to know how to defend a company, you must think like an attacker. To predict every possible attack option, you have to think for yourself of all possible attack options. That is why when we build a protection plan for a certain company, we divide the work between two teams: a blue team and a red team. One team is responsible for checking all the defenses, and the other is responsible for trying to break into the system in any form (!) In order to find the ‘holes’ in it and then fix them.”

It is still not clear to me why companies like Facebook and Google would want to hire someone who knows how to hack into the system…

“It’s very simple, are you familiar with the phrase ‘If you can’t beat them, join them?’ these companies have no choice, they know that in order to win this war they must have the best people. They need the strength to hold against those who try to hurt them and they need the people who will give a fight to do so.”

Sounds a bit like a computer game, but a real life one. Wait, and say I want to study the field, I don’t need prior knowledge?

“Absolutely not. You can start from scratch. I have people who used to be truck drivers or office managers or waiters at a restaurant. Each person has his own starting point, and everyone can succeed in this field, especially these days. The course takes you from zero to a hundred so you know once you finish it everything you need to know in order to get the job done. ”

How soon can you get a certificate start working?

“First of all, you have to study the field. At ECOM College, for example, the study program is 262 hours, it takes about eight months to finish the course. From there, as you understand, the way to actually start working is quite fast, the shortage of workers is so great that it is not difficult to find a good place to work at quickly.”

In gross numbers, how much does an experienced Cyber person earn as a salary?

“According to data from around the world, the starting salary is $5,000, the average salary is $7,500 and the salary of an experienced Cyber person is $15,000. But you know, these are only the average numbers, from our students I know of quite a few people who have reached $30,000 and more working only two to three years in the field. After all, you are working in high-tech, so the potential here is huge, and honestly, the sky is the limit.”

Okay, sounds pretty good. Sorry for asking but why should I study with you at ECOM?

“Besides the fact that we are the first ECOM College to have developed a comprehensive teaching program in the field, with us, you get things that you won’t find anywhere else. First of all, the studies are completely practical, we teach what you will actually see and meet in a company where you’ll work and we practice with you hacking and protections in an Internet lab. There is no boring theory here in ECOM.

The cyber course taught by ECOM College is in collaboration with ITSAFE’s knowledge and technology. The unique course was developed by Roman Zaikin, an information and Cyber Security expert and a former CheckPoint employee which has over 10 years of experience in the cyber field.

Roman, along with other cyber experts, exposed many security vulnerabilities in well-known and influential companies in the global economy, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more.

Another thing is that beyond our help as a College with job searching and practice labs, we have at the College a unique academic Social Network unique of its kind. Image something like Facebook, only internal and focused on the content that is taught in the various courses. In periods like the Corona Virus it is the place for all students to get to know each other, study together, share insights, practice, participate in Q&A broadcasts, get help from support professionals at the highest professional level in the field and more. We have a collaborative community that supports and pushes, and that’s something that you won’t find anywhere else.”

And Ben, what if I’m bad at math? Is it still an option for me?

“Oh, you touched a sensitive topic. Unlike programming, where high mathematics is needed as something basic, in most Cyber subjects there is no need to be a mathematical genius. The answer is – yes, it may suit you. Moreover, in programming most boundaries are pretty clear, there is no room for creativity. In Cyber it’s the complete opposite, you need to have a person who knows how to think ‘out of the box’ in order to be successful. If you see yourself as this person, then this field is perfect for you.”

And how exactly does the course work?

“The course is about 262 hours, now during the crisis, we at ECOM College study 100% from home in live broadcasts together with our lecturers (of course for those who wishes to see a recording later on there is a possibility for that), by the way, we don’t use Zoom and such, but we have great 4K video shooting. Each week there are two sessions, four hours long and it goes on for eight 8 months (including online practice sessions). Of course, on normal days the course will take place at our College, when everything goes back to normal.”

Sounds very interesting. For anyone who wants to join, how can we register for the course?

“First of all, I’m glad you liked it and recognized the potential the course offers, this is really an unusual time and it comes with unusual opportunities. Anyone who wants to check their options, get more details or ask a question, leave us your personal details and we will contact them soon.”

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