Designing Label Designs Your Customers Can’t Resist

Product labels are often overlooked, but they can have a massive impact on customer engagement and brand recognition. Custom labels provide the perfect opportunity for your product to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on customers. To ensure that your label designs capture the attention of potential buyers, it is essential to consider how each element works together in harmony. Here are 6 tips for designing label designs that will draw customers in and help them remember your product long after they’ve made their purchase.

1. Consider Your Overall Package Design And How The Label Fits In

The overall package design of your product should be considered with care, as the label is often the first thing a customer will notice. Investing in quality design elements, such as attractive typography and vibrant colour palettes, can help to create an eye-catching label that stands out from the competition. Using a cohesive design theme across all packaging elements, including the label, can help to reinforce your brand message and create a memorable experience for customers.

2. Use High-Quality Elements To Draw Customers In

When selecting design elements for your label, opt for materials that are of a higher quality than what is typically used by competitors. This could include premium paper stock or an intricate die-cut shape. Utilizing luxurious materials and textures can help to create a more refined, high-end look that will draw customers in and differentiate your product from the competition. We have some design tips for you here.

3. Make Sure Your Font Selection Is Legible, Professional, And On Brand

The typeface you choose for your label should be clean and easy to read, while still expressing your brand’s personality. Be sure to select fonts that are consistent with the overall style and tone of your product, as well as being legible at a glance, so customers can quickly identify what your product is about.

4. Incorporate White Space To Make Your Design More Visually Appealing


White space, also known as negative space, helps to create balance within the design by providing areas of rest for the eye. It can draw attention to specific elements and help make text more legible and easier to read. In addition, white space can be used strategically to add visual interest or separate distinct sections within the label design.

5. Don’t Forget About Colour – Choose Colours That Will Help Set Your Product Apart From Competitors

Colour can be a powerful tool in creating a memorable label design that stands out from the competition. Choose vibrant, eye-catching hues to grab customer attention, or use muted tones to create an air of sophistication and elegance. If you’re not sure which colours to use, take a look at your branding and design guidelines for inspiration.

6. Leverage Premium Materials For A More High-End Look

To create an even more luxurious label experience, opt for higher quality materials that feel good in the hand and make the product stand out from the crowd. Select durable materials, such as thick card stock or acetate film, to create a label design with a premium look and feel. This will help ensure your product stands out on store shelves and give customers a more elevated experience when handling your product.

By utilizing these 6 tips for designing labels, you can create designs that will draw customers in and help them remember your product long after they’ve made their purchase. Investing in quality materials and design elements can take your label designs to the next level, creating a memorable experience for customers and helping you stand out from the competition.

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