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Considering Moving House During The Pandemic? This Is How It Could Be Different

If you are thinking about moving house during the pandemic you should be aware of some potential differences to moving house normally.

If you are considering moving house during the pandemic, you may not be aware that it could be a very different experience to moving house normally. These differences could potentially cause the whole process to last longer, to get delayed unexpectedly, and cause you to have to change your moving plan completely. To help you feel a little bit more prepared for this very unusual moving process, let’s take a look at some differences:

Government Processes

Government processes are changing all the time in regards to how businesses can operate, and what we are allowed to do to stay safe. With that in mind, any aspect of your move could fall through, be delayed or change at any time because of these process changes.

Isolation & Symptoms

If at any time your estate agent, your family, your removals company or anybody else involved in your move has to go into isolation, that could impact your move. Entire companies can have to temporarily close because of an outbreak. You wouldn’t be able to move if you have to go into isolation and nor would the family you’re buying from.

Viewings Could Be Digital

Viewings might only be digital either completely, or at least for your initial period of interest. Physical viewings may be possible but it depends very much on the estate agents and the sellers. You may also need to only offer digital viewings of your own property too.

Get Used To Extra EXTRA Hygiene

We are all used to extra hygiene at the moment, but you’ll need to go even further during the moving process. You’ll want to keep some anti-bac, a spare mask, alcohol wipes and some anti-bacterial spray and kitchen roll in the car, your home, your cheap self storage unit and in any additional locations you use. You’ll have to clean for your viewings, after your viewings and visits from surveyors and the estate agents. You’ll also want to wipe items down as you pack and unpack them. Most of all, you’ll want to be washing your hands regularly following the proper NHS hand-washing process.


Logistics change a little when you’re dealing with social distancing and other safety precautions. There may be extra time for deep cleaning before a family can move in. There may be a limit on how many people can help with removals.

You may be limited to how many people can come to your cheap self storage unit. See foremore information on storage units.

The logistics are different at the moment when it comes to moving house. The best thing you can do is stick to the rules and only work with companies who also stick to the rules.

A Change In The Housing Market

Nobody really knows how this unprecedented event will change the housing market in the future. Current changes that have happened have seen coastal and countryside properties with a higher value as people move to find a better quality of life. There has also been a general surge as people push their moves whilst they are able to.

However, it is thought that as job losses and general economic pressure surges, the property market may well take a hit. It is all uncertain though and the best thing you can do is to make your best judgement at the time you sell or buy.

The considerations above are just a few that have come as a result of the pandemic. Go into a potential house move with open eyes, working with companies that help make the process as easy as possible. Hopefully despite the challenges, your move will go ahead as well as it possibly can during this unexpected world event.

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