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Choose The Right Fireplace Mantel For Your Living Space

Are you considering the makeover of your fireplace? To ensure your focal point of the room to be attractive, use the mantel that fit with the overall styling. Incorporating the mantel transforms the space incredibly.

When you want to choose the right mantel for your space, the first thing to consider is the size of the room. Continue reading to find some best practices of selecting the mantel for your space

Size Of The Mantel

Choose the right size depending on the firebox opening (space where the fire will be lit) and the surrounding wall area consisting of the side support, hearth and mantel. It is vital to have a proportion of all the items to create a harmonious design.

Choosing the right size will first depend on the size of the firebox opening and the fireplace surround. The firebox opening is the actual space where the fire will be lit, while the surround is the space on the wall surrounding the opening consisting of the side supports, hearth, and mantel. These elements all need to be in proportion to create a harmonious design. You’ll also need to consider local building codes to make sure there is enough space between the firebox and mantel. A general rule of thumb is to allow at least 12 inches of space between the top of the firebox and the base of the mantel.

Length – The most important part of the sizing of the mantel is the length. The best selection of the mantel is 12 inches longer than the fireplace box or the top of the firebox.

Depth – The typical depth of the mantel should be between 10-12 inches. The depth of the mantel also can be customised considering the traffic that happens around the fireplace.

Height – The ideal height of the mantel should be 4.5 inches from the floor to allow room for stocking during the holidays. The housing codes suggest having the bottom of the mantel to be at least 12 inches away from the top of the fireplace box.

Styling With Fireplace Mantel

When you have the right size decided for the mantel, next to explore is the style of the mantels that match with your home décor and theme. Some of the examples of styles are the rustic warm-toned farmhouse-chic look, sleek modern design with clean lines, for a timeless style use the natural materials such as marble, limestone or wood oak mantel. Take into consideration the colour of the mantel to create a cohesive or contrast styling of your space.

Box beam can make the statement piece for your home. Box beam mantel can be used for the fireplace that you are considering for renovation or DIY project, as it is much easier to install. Talk to the professionals about your options for the oak beams mantel designs that fit your home space.


Along with the appearance, functionality of the mantel is also an important factor to consider. You may use the fireplace mantel for the showcasing items such as the family photos and holiday decorations, or hang the favourite wall art décor above the mantel.

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