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Check Out These 3 New Exquisite Omega Timepieces

There are several luxury watch brands that you can search on the internet. If you are new to collecting luxury watches, you should always read the reviews and know more about their parts and features. One of the most known luxury watch brands is the Omega. It has several timepieces that you can choose from, such as these models below:

Omega Speedmaster 311.10.39.3001.002

Choosing what Omega watch to buy is tough since all Omega’s watches come with sophisticated and elegant designs. Omega has been known for its Speedmaster series watches. Not just for its exquisite designs and versatile use, the Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to ever reach the mood in 1969.

The Omega 311.10.39.3001.002 model comes from the Speedmaster series. It has been used primarily as a sports watch. But, due to its glamorous looks, you can surely use this on any type of occasion. The watch comes with several outstanding features that will surely make you want to collect it.

The classic analog-typed dial perfectly matches the black-themed shade of the dial. The indexes of the watch coincide with the arrow-typed hands of the watch. The casing was made from premium stainless steel material, and its band showcases the boldness of the model. The case has a 38.6 mm diameter and lug width of 19 mm.

Also, the casing contains crystal minerals that circle the watch that provides additional structure to the case. The watch’s movement comes with the in-house Omega 1861 Calibre with manual winding and a diameter of 27 mm. It comes with 18 jewels that ensure to lessen the friction inside the watch. It is resistant to water for up to 60 meters.

Omega Constellation

Another phenomenal watch from the Constellation series of the Omega is the Omega model. The Constellation series of the Omega is one of its oldest models that dates back to 1952. The bulky feature of the model goes well with its elegant style. This model has a lot to offer, from its external appearance to its internal function.

This dazzling watch comes with a brown-shaded dial that coincides with the polished finish. The alluring diamond indexes showcase the watch’s luxurious side that pairs with an 18 karat Sedna gold. The parts of the dial alone make that watch worthy of being a luxury timepiece.

All of the watch’s parts are extremely exquisite. The casing is made from a premium stainless steel material with a diameter of 28 mm. It has a round casing that suits its transparent back case. The casing of the watch is surrounded by sapphire crystals that make it resistant to any scratches. Its band is made out of stainless steel Sedna gold.

The movement is one of the essential parts of the watch. It comes with an in-house 4061 Calibre with a quartz-typed movement. It has a power reserve that can last for up to 50 hours. It is also resistant to water for up to 30 meters!

Omega Seamaster

Another fascinating wristwatch from the Seamaster series of the Omega is the Omega model. It has a silver-colored dial that matches the indexes and the luminous steel hands. The band of the watch is made from premium Grey Alligator leather that is very comfortable to wear.

The premium stainless steel casing showcases the sturdiness of the casing. It has a transparent back and round-shaped casing with a diameter of 38 mm and a height of 13.2 mm. The container is covered with sapphire crystals that ensure to make it resistant to any form of scratches.

The movement of the watch is one of the essential internal parts of a timepiece. To ensure the movement’s quality, the Omega installed an in-house 8800 Calibre to that watch for a better function. It has an automatic winding with a power reserve that can last approximately 55 hours. It is resistant to water for up to 150 meters deep!


The mentioned Omega watches are among the many new models that are available today in the market. Omega has never stopped producing some of the world’s best timepieces. You will surely not regret buying an Omega watch. Also, bear in mind that you’re not only purchasing an Omega watch. You’re also buying years of ideas for each masterpiece.

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