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Businesses Are Working Hard To Prevent Phishing Scams

Phishing scams have been the scourge of the internet for as long as we and probably you can remember and now they are targeting the vacation rental business industry. They work by trying to get personal and financial information such as bank account and credit card details, passwords and other sensitive data so that they can steal identities, money and intercept payments without your authorization.

Phishing is the number one scam online and by targeting the hospitality industry they are ruining the vacations of thousands of people across the globe with their fake emails and telephone calls. It is important to protect your vacation rental website.

How Can These Scams Affect your Business?

While the people behind these scams will target you for your email address, those affected the most will be your customers. Once they have gained access to your email address having phished for your password, they will be able to intercept communications regarding the bookings of your properties and have the funds sent to them instead of you.

The guests then turn up at your property expecting a booking to be made only to learn that they have been scammed. Of course, while you have not scammed your customers, you have certainly lost out on their booking and they are unlikely to stay with you and pay out for the rental a second time.

How to Prevent Phishing Scams

Many of these scams would not succeed if they are not able to get hold of your email address and password, so it is important that you are extremely aware when online. DO not believe emails that require you to enter personal information and never click any links sent to you via an email.

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These scammers are very good at making their emails look authentic but any email asking for personal details should set off alarm bells. Look at the email address and do some research on similar types of scams. No legitimate online business will be sending you emails requesting personal information – so always think long and hard before you click anything or send anything back.

Put yourselves in the shoes of the poor people that have had their money stolen and their vacations ruined. Always use the internet in a safe manner and this should hopefully not affect any of your future customers.

Lodgify, a leading provider of vacation rental website software has recently created a blog post on this topic and the points it makes about the dangers that phishing attacks can pose to your vacation rental are extremely valid.

They also provide some useful tips on how you can protect your business from this kind of attacks going forward. The blog post is well worth a read, particularly if you do want to PROTECT YOUR VACATION RENTAL FROM PHISHING ATTACKS.

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