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Building Your Brand with Stickers

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The strategic use of stickers can build your company or organization’s brand, and it does so at relatively little cost. There are ways you can use them to increase engagement, customer loyalty and brand awareness. We’ll cover a variety of techniques you can use no matter what you sell and to whom.

Apply Them to Physical Items

Assuming you can apply the sticker without affecting the ability for the letter to pass through the mail, consider putting them on correspondence. It helps your invoices and marketing material stand out from the mail pile. It improves the odds your marketing material or bill gets opened first, as well. Apply branded stickers to boxes of items to be stocked on the shelves to remind people of the brand.

Include a Fun Message 

A great way to build brand recognition with printed stickers is to include a printed message. Make it a fun message that people want to express and include subtle branding for your business. It could be anything from “fun” or “awesome” to “I ran the X race!” with your logo on the side or your company name on the rim of the sticker. Then your brand is promoted by someone who cares more about the main tagline on the sticker.

Connect the Stickers to a Cause

A good example of this would be the October breast cancer awareness campaigns. You could share informational messages or awareness building content through stickers and labels that subtly promote the company. Know that there are famous causes you can connect to with branded stickers throughout the year. You improve the odds that the branded stickers get shared in social media posts regarding the cause. You can even start that process by promoting your distribution of the stickers that themselves promote awareness of the sticker. For example, you could take pictures of your team wearing stickers promoting breast cancer awareness, the ice bucket challenge or a charitable campaign. And these stickers are perfect for handing out at fundraisers for the charity or public events occurring during that campaign.

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Brand the Generic Items You Use In Your Business

You can use branded stickers to promote brand awareness by decorating generic items with them. Good generic options you can decorate with stickers include shopping bags, notepads, paper sacks and general product packaging. Be careful not to place stickers where they cover up key marketing messaging on the product itself. Instead, put stickers on generic protective packaging such as plastic bags filled with items purchased individually be it bolts or bagels.

Branded stickers on blank sections of the packaging can improve brand recognition and prove that the item was sold from your store. Furthermore, it will continue to promote the brand as they carry that item outside of the store. And it is much cheaper than printing custom plastic shopping bags for your store.

Note that stickers can be used to improve security. Use branded stickers to secure packing tape in place while branding the item as having come from your store or website. A side benefit of this is that your brand logo may be visible in any unboxing videos or pictures they post on social media. Apply these stickers to both the box and internal protective packaging to maximize the effect.

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