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Brilliant Perk For Your Employees: Earlier Driving Tests

Employers are always on the lookout for great perks to give to their employees. Ranging from fresh fruit and cereals, to gym memberships and life insurance – these can make all the difference for employees who are comparing job offers.

An important one has gone overlooked – until now. Over 25% of the UK population does not have a driving license, and with amount of time it takes to pass your driving test once someone is in the workplace – this is hardly surprising.

Trying to balance work with driving lessons is a tall order. With the UK’s climate, most of the year is inaccessible to learn in (unless you like learning to drive while it’s dark!) meaning you have to either have to cram your lessons around your lunch break (almost impossible), or take vacation days (expensive!) or use your weekends to learn (which will also cost you more on lessons, with finding a driving instructor being an entirely different issue).

However, let’s say one of your employees has done all of that hard graft. They’ve practised, and practised, and practised, and they’re now ready to take their test. We’re good, right?

Not quite. Driving tests in have an average waiting list of 3 months, which is impractically long. However, learner drivers are encouraged to regularly check the DVSA portal for what are considered “driving test cancellations” – opportunities to take your test earlier created by other learner drivers who can no longer make it to their booked appointment. These go quickly, and appear rarely, so would-be test takers need to check very regularly to snap them up.

This creates both a problem, and an opportunity, for employers.

The problem: your employees will have to check for these driving tests during the working day. This means, instead of being completely focused on their work, they’re having to continually context-switch in order to check for an earlier driving test.

The opportunity: turn this into an advantage. Partner with a popular driving test cancellation company such as DrivingScout, who charge a nominal fee to provide this service (which, at the time of writing, was £13) who search the DVSA system on behalf of the employee. This is a win-win: you get your employee back to being fully productive (which will save you a lot more than £13) and they feel incredibly valued as an employee, and will bring help push your business to be bigger by investing more of themselves into it.

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