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Best Platforms to Run Your Product Promotion

When it comes to the promotion of your products, it is good that you do this online. The fact that many people now own gadgets that are connected to the internet means that online ads can do miracles for your product sales. It is also a fact that most people are active on social media platforms. Therefore, these people can be targeted through these platforms for the ads. So, how do you go about the whole advertising process? Visit to learn more.

Many social media platforms can work for your product promotion. We shall discuss these platforms here to help you make better advertising decisions.

Here are the best platforms for you to run your product promotions:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are known to work hard to promote products. Remember that there are over 2 billion users of Facebook the world over. Therefore, one can reach a wide audience and get better sales with these kinds of ads. However, when using Facebook ads, remember the following things:

The cost of Facebook ads is calculated as cost per click. This is about $0.40. cost per click. As such, one can promote their products online for a little money per day.
The cost of the ads can increase based on the country the ads are running. Therefore, be sure to research and know where you want the ads to run.
The CPC can also be determined by the time of the year. As such, running certain product ads over holiday seasons could be more costly than other periods of the year.
The age of your target market can also either make the cost higher or lower. The time your ad appears is also a big factor to consider. Facebook CPC tends to be higher in the morning and evenings when people are coming from work.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook. As such, Instagram ads work more or less the same as Facebook ads.

Here are some things you may want to know about Instagram ads:
Instagram ads are more costly when compared to Facebook ads. It could cost $1.41 per click on this platform. You may also choose to pay per 1000 impressions as this is good for new product launches.
Conversion rates on Instagram tend to be higher when compared to Facebook. The click-through on Instagram is about 0.52% and this is much better.

Pinterest Ads

This is yet another very important and solid platform that you can use for your online advertising needs. You will be happy to note that the composition of Pinterest users is 35% of women who make over $75k annually. 70% of the other users make over $50k annually and another 10% make over $100k. With these numbers, you can choose Pinterest for your product promotion needs.

Pinterest Audience

We can say that most Pinterest users are upper-middle-class earners. As such, if you have higher-priced or designer products that need a niche market, this demographic can work for you.

Always research the age brackets of the social media audience you want to run ads for. This is one of the dimensions that charges for such ads are determined.

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