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Apps To Support Remote Working – Need Of The Hour

The current situation asks for serious measures. Many workplaces are allowing the employees to work from home in the wake of Coronavirus. To keep people connected during this outbreak, the majority of the Internet service providing companies have signed a pledge as well. This means that I won’t have to pay my overdue bill (if any) for my Spectrum Internet plan. This seems like a perfect offer right now as I am working from home as well.

And I would suggest people who are working remotely to select from one of the following apps as well for smooth operations:


The first on the list is the good old Skype. It remains one of the most used videos calling apps to date. The good voice and video quality that the software offers makes it a favorite among individuals and businesses. Apart from one-on-one video call sessions, Skype also facilitates group video calls and instant messaging. It features even more features today than it did a couple of years ago. Some of the most noteworthy ones are:

  • Voice messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Ability to call the mobile or landline numbers

So, if you are allowed the work from home option, Skype is one great tool to use.

Google Hangouts

The fact that the app was designed by Google speaks volumes about its compatibility and amazing features. The main function of Google Hangouts is the same as Skype. However, Google Hangouts is offering some features that Skype isn’t. For example, the option to save videos from YouTube. This video calling service is compatible with everything Google (obviously). You will feel at home when you sign in to your Google Hangouts account and it will greet you by your name (it’s the little details that matter).

The features that you can enjoy using are:

  • Video calling
  • Messaging
  • Phone calling

It is compatible with Android, desktop, and iOS.


Managing remote teams can be a real challenge for managers. Because the key to making it work is good communication. If you end up choosing a platform that is not a good supporter of uninterrupted communication, you lose. Slack is a rather recent addition to the family of video calling apps but one worth mentioning.

It is an online-based chat room that all team members can access, provided they have the username and password. You can use this platform to brainstorm ideas, share files, and compare notes, just like you would in a meeting room. Team members can choose to talk to their fellows in the presence of all or privately through instant messaging.

The best part is that you can incorporate apps including Skype, Zoom, Basecamp, and MailChimp into Slack as well.


An audiovisual conferencing app, UberConference facilitates working from home. Virtual teams can hold meetings using this tool with ease and without the fear of interruptions. You can choose to use UberConference on your desktop or your mobile device. It allows you to share screens, documents or record the calls of your fellows.


Having a conferencing tool that helps to keep your team members organized will save a great amount of time. Basecamp does this and much for you and your team. It happens to be the most effective and time-saving project management and collaboration tool. Companies mainly use it for project management purposes.

If you think of Basecamp as a single tool, you will be surprised to learn that it works in collaboration with six others. They include:

  • Docs and files
  • To-do list
  • Campfire
  • Automatic check-ins
  • Schedule
  • The message board

The functions of each are self-explanatory. All these tools when combined together, help the teams to organize their work and achieve their goals.


Zapier helps ensure that all the tools that a remote team is making use of work well with each other. This happens mainly because Zapier automates the work for you. The automation takes place as soon as the tools that you and your team are using get connected to each other. From linking web apps for easy sharing of data to building its own processes, Zapier is a smart tool that will facilitate you in ways you won’t imagine.

I hope that you choose the best possible tool for yourself. Apart from selecting the right tool, you would need the right Internet connection as well. Spectrum TV and internet offers have always worked the best for me. You can continue using the service that you have subscribed to or choose a new one. Just ensure that the company you select is known for its uninterrupted services.

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