Andreas Zivy and His Management Team At Ameropa

Andreas Zivy and His Management Team At Ameropa

Andreas Zivy is the Chairman of Ameropa Holding AG, a position which he has held for five years. Along with his management team, Andreas ensures that Ameropa operates in an efficient, professional and ethical manner, conforming to the businesses code of conduct, following the values of the company and operating within the laws of the respective countries in which Ameropa and its subsidiary companies do business.

Andreas was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, in 1955. At the age of 11, he studied at The Humanistic Secondary School in Basel, then spent one year studying at Military Recruit School in Wangen an der Aare. Andreas Zivy achieved a Master’s diploma from the Institute of Political Science (IEP) in Paris, and subsequently began his career with Ameropa.

Andreas Zivy is the Chairman of Ameropa Holding AG. He has been running this enterprise as President of the Board since 2010, and has worked in various roles within the company since 1980. In his role as chairman, Andreas Zivy has managed Ameropa AG and has helped to set up The Ameropa Foundation, which funds charitable projects in developing countries.

His management team are crucial in the decision making process for Ameropa and its subsidiary companies across the world, they consist of a number of people with a broad plethora of talents and a wealth of experience across many industries.

(To introduce some, in alphabetical order)

Nick Adamchak

Nick Adamchak has been employed as the Managing Director of Ameropa North America since its creation 12 years ago. In this time, Nick has helped to establish the company and forge business relationships with numerous partners across the globe, fostering and developing mutually beneficial relationships with other companies, and working cohesively with Ameropa’s other business across the glove.

Nick Adamchak graduated from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia with a B.S. in Economics, and has a wealth of experience working in numerous sales roles and management positions within the fertilizer and grain distribution and production industry.

Nick Adamchak worked for International Raw Materials Ltd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has been employed by Continental Grain and Transammonia, Inc. His thorough industry experience and knowledge allowed him to become the Managing Director of Ameropa North America from its inception. He has secured a position on the board of directors for The Fertilizer Industry Roundtable,The Fertilizer Industry, and Agrinos AS.

Alexander Chumakov

Alexander Chumakov has been employed as the Managing Director of Ameropa Asia since 2008, and COO Fertilizers since May 2015. Having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. In Economics, a B.A. in Political Science from CAS, and an MBA from the University of Chicago, straight after graduation he began working in the fertilizer industry with International Raw Materials of Philadelphia. After working with International Raw Materials he began working for Toepfer International Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore as a fertilizer trader. Four years later, he began working in Hamburg as a Senior Manager in Fertilizers. He held this position for three years before moving back to Asia as Vice President and General Manager; in this position he managed Toepfer’s global fertilizer business.

His career with Ameropa began in 2008, helping to establish Ameropa Asia Pte Ltd as a Managing Director. Last year, he took on the role of Chief Trader of Fertilizers with the responsibility of managing Ameropa Asia’s global fertilizer trade. At the beginning of this year, he took on the role of CEO of the Fertilizer group. Alexander’s wealth of experience in the fertilizer industry, coupled with his vast managerial experience has helped to equip him with the tools necessary to allow Ameropa Asia to flourish.

Jan Kadanik

Jan Kadanik was born in Prague in 1965. Graduating from the Prague School of Economics with a master’s degree in International Trade and Finance, Jan began working as a base metal trader in a state-owned foreign trade company before founding his own company in the early 90’s. As the co-managing director of this company, he worked until 2000. From 2001 to 2007, he began working for the largest Czech and Slovak agriculture, chemical and food group, as director for strategy and finance before starting work with Ameropa in 2007 as CFO. Since 2014 he is the CEO of the Ameropa group as well as a Member of the Board of Directors of Ameropa Holding AG.

Nicole Miescher-Zivy

Nicole Miescher-Zivy is originally from Basel and studied at IDHEC (Institut de Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques) in Paris. She worked for several years in the film industry, before managing a metallurgic factory in France for 15 years. In 1993, she became CFO of Ameropa, a position she held for eight years, before becoming President of the Ameropa Foundation. Since 1994 she is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the Ameropa Holding AG.

Beat Ruprecht

Born in Basel in 1958, Beat Ruprecht has worked for Ameropa for many years. Starting his career in 1981 at the age of 23, Beat has worked his way up, filling in a number of different positions within Ameropa AG, including area manager, and working closely with a number of Ameropa’s subsidiary companies. In 2000, he became the Director of Ameropa AG, and in 2012, he became a member of the Board of Directors. He also currently manages the Ammonia Desk of Ameropa AG.

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