Alternative Places To Share Your Valuable Content Marketing Efforts

Alternative Places To Share Your Valuable Content Marketing Efforts

Regardless of whethe Central Electricityr you have produced a captivating company blog, interesting industry infographic or educational video tutorial, you will want to make sure it gets seen and shared in the right places.

After all, if no one gets to see it then what is the point of it? You must not waste the opportunities that are available to get your content out there and shared amongst the masses!

More often than not, pieces of content marketing will get published on your organisation’s website and distributed on Facebook, Twitter or both. However, this only scratches the surface of the possibilities across the Internet, as there are an abundance of other platforms and channels where content can reach new audiences.

So, next time you create something useful for current and potential customers, think about sharing it in the following alternative places.

Social networks


In addition to finding out what your friend’s lunch looks like, Instagram is great for making your audience aware of quality new content. You can either post a sneak peek of the content itself or choose an appropriate photo that sums it all up visually. Instagram’s most active and responsive demographic tends to be teenagers and young adults, so if this isn’t your target market, you might want to look elsewhere.


Elsewhere might be Pinterest in fact. This is yet another buzzy platform that favours visual stimulation but has a more mature audience base than the aforementioned Instagram. Due to its very active community, which is constantly sharing new material, your content marketing efforts can generate lots of high quality website traffic. Just make sure your image is of a good quality and highly shareable and let the platform itself do the hard work for you.

LinkedIn Groups

The world’s professional social network is also a superb place to publish content, specifically in LinkedIn Groups. This opens up possibilities of targeted exposure above and beyond your typical audience. However, you will need to make sure that content is relevant and approved by the group or else it will perceived as spam. This is the place that you will find business leaders and company owners so, if your offerings are B2B based, then what better platform is there to get your message across?

Google+ Communities

Similar to LinkedIn Groups but not as well-known perhaps (please don’t punish us Google!) and without an onus on industry expertise or professional opinion, Google+ Communities can be extremely advantageous for specific and niche content. Unique content will go down a storm with readers in your chosen communities, but do avoid coming across as overly promotional.

Discovery engines


Even though this discovery engine enables users to browse content at random by clicking the “Stumble” button, it is still a great way to increase exposure and improve credibility. Users rate how much they like your content and if this is favourable, it is more likely to appear in the random search. Stop stumbling around in the dark; get a piece of the action with this discovery engine!


With so much traffic flowing through Reddit, you will need to be fairly certain that your sparkly brand new content will actually stand good chance of being noticed.  This means making sure that it is useful, fun or dazzling in some other away without being too pushy! What’s more, Reddit’s users (Redditors) tend to be quite strict with regards to marketing materials and where content gets posted, so take some time to browse and understand the site before deciding whether it will be beneficial for your business.

Even though you will have to pay to publish content about more than one topic, can still bring about various advantages. This is because lots of web users come here to seek out new and novel content, which covers their own unique interests. Create something truly unique, shareable and adaptable and you won’t go too far wrong!

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