A Guide to Data Backup Tools for Enterprises

Backing up your data is essential for the security of your business. Today, many businesses still ignore the importance of backing up data.

However, the consequences can be dramatic as we explain in our backup guides, especially for small structures. By ensuring a regular computer backup of your files and databases, you protect against loss of important information due to a crash or a malicious attack.

That’s why we’d like to inform you about top backup tools for your business.

But before you jump into choosing a backup utility and synchronization tool, first determine the type of backup that’s right for your needs. There are Several types of computer backup for data replication and for cloning a hard drive:

  • Automatic total backup. It is the easiest backup solution to set up. You can turn to free backup software or systems.
  • Differential backup. Differential backup allows you to back up only files that have been modified or added since the last full backup. Among the particularly effective software for doing differential backups, and handle versioning very well.
  • Incremental backup. Incremental, or incremental, backup allows you to back up only files modified since the last backup, but it has the particularity of keeping the different versions of a file.

Here is our pick of the top dedicated backup tools for businesses.

Option #1 – Nakivo Backup Software

Nakivo is a new and very promising entrant in the world of VMware vSphere and Amazon EC2 backup. You may like it for several reasons.

  1. The first, which seems the most legitimate in fact, is its very feature-rich backup product itself, Nakivo Backup & replication. With an extremely simple approach, both in terms of installation and ergonomics, the software is operational in a few minutes and “works really well”, as we will see below.
  2. The second is its initial small-business orientation: in fact, Nakivo B&R has a particularly competitive cost per socket and a grid of versions. Check Check the official source for more details.
  3. It enjoys trust from leading brands like SpaceX, Radisson, Marriott, Coca Cola, etc.

Nakivo B&R is a virtualized environment backup tool solution, compatible with VMware vSphere (successfully tested on a 6.5 environment) and Amazon EC2.

To be able to exist in a segment already well loaded with established and recognized tenors, Nakivo necessarily has all the basic functions that one is entitled to expect from a tool of this type today: multi-thread backup, support for consistent backups (VSS, SQL Server, Exchange, etc.), “instant recovery” and so on.

In addition, a few additional technical options allow it to stand out from some of its competitors, as we will see.

Why Set up a Backup Strategy like Nakivo?

Today, protecting and backing up computer data is a major issue for memory and for companies. The risks involved are serious: drop in turnover, freezing of commercial activities, or even permanent closure!

In around 75% of cases, data loss is caused by human error. But the causes can be various:

  • Virus infection
  • Crash and hardware failure
  • Flight
  • Deletion by mistake
  • A cup of coffee spilling
  • The malevolence of an employee
  • Electrical overvoltage
  • Natural disasters (floods, fires …),

That’s why you can’t just have this data on one digital medium, whether it’s an internal drive or even an external HDD. By making a copy of your data on another disk or better still an independent online backup server, you secure it, you preserve it and you can also quickly reinstall it in case of a problem. Often, with a simple command line, you can easily sync the latest versions of your files.

In business, the issue of data recovery is central. This is why it is important to opt for an automatic backup solution and good professional backup software with easy recovery options like those that Nakivo offers.

Option #2 – Acronis Backup Software

Acronis is best known for its “True Image” personal backup solution All-in-one Cyber Protection of Data. But the publisher recently strengthened itself by absorbing the Hyper-V specialist “5Nine” and DeviceLock, a DLP specialist. The main objective of these acquisitions was to enrich the publisher’s new cloud cybersecurity services, grouped under the “Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud Solutions” banner.

Indeed, the “True Image 2021” edition differs from previous versions by introducing new security features directly inherited from Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud.

These features notably provide real-time protection of the machine (and therefore require you to uninstall your old competing antivirus) but also advanced monitoring of backups to prevent, for example, that an old corrupted or dangerous file is restored by mistake. Cyber ​​Protect Cloud real-time protection also monitors web browsing and offers heuristic and behavioral defenses to better block unknown malicious code.

More original, this cyber protection also offers video conference surveillance defense to prevent malware injection and hacking attacks through applications such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

Users who want to keep their existing antivirus can install True Image 2021 without the real-time protections and be content with the scan and restore scan functionality now built into the software.

Option #3 – Altaro Backup Software

Altaro Backup is a fast and powerful tool that allows the backup and the restoration of Hyper-V and VMware machines, specially designed for companies. Altaro offers several powerful and easy-to-use features in a single dashboard. Altaro does not stop there but also offers a version designed for MSPs with a subscription model type of monthly subscription per virtual machine (VM) including access to a Cloud console.

This tool includes 4 advantages. Features are advanced, data protection is enhanced, and pricing is affordable and flexible.


  • Hot backup no downtime during backups.
  • Efficient data deduplication and compression.
  • Altaro Offsite Server: data outsourcing.
  • Granular recovery of Exchange files and items.
  • “Boot from backup” for instant recovery.


  • Continuous Data Protection functionality.
  • Automatic scheduling of backup integrity tests.
  • Detection and resolution of corrupted data integrity issues.
  • Military-grade backup encryption (256-Bit AES Encryption).


  • Simple pricing with an accessible price per host.
  • 3 versions available to adapt to all business needs.
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