A Complete Guide to add Graphics on Live Video 

Do you know that you can easily add graphics to your live video? Graphics can make your videos engaging and the audience find them very captivating. By using graphic overlay on video you can create a good and professional impact on your viewers.

You just need to choose between simple graphics that include logos and animations or advanced graphics that include integrated animations with hyperlinks that can allow your audience to directly, like, comment, share or answer to the polls during live events. The process of adding graphics on live videos has become very simple and doesn’t require much expertise in anything. Just follow the steps mentioned below to add desired graphics to your video.

Choose The Graphic Type You Need For Your Video 

One of the most used types of graphics for live streams is lower third graphics. These are the most basic types of graphics that have got their name for the amount of space they cover on the widescreen which is 16:9. These are used for displaying basic information like the title of the project, comments, and time.

A simple PNG file with a transparent background can be used for the creation of the lower third graphic. Some other types of graphics that can be used in your online event are timers, transitions, logos, and more.

Select a Widely Used Software 

There is much software out there to assist the users in adding graphics to the live video. Whether you are a Mac or PC user, you can find suitable software for your graphics needs. With the help of this software, you can source custom layouts and project them into scenes. The most suitable and widely used software around the globe is OBS. OBS can help in the easy installation of any kind of graphics with ease. This software organizes project files into overlay graphics. There are other software as well that you can use, but most of them are very advanced and can prove to be inefficient for you.

You can source a variety of graphics from search engines without putting in any extra effort. Just simply search for the overlay graphics suitable to your video type and download it to use.

Install Interactive Graphics 

Interactive graphics are the best graphics you can use for your video. You can add data related to your organization in those graphics. Interactive graphics can also be utilized for flashing some interesting and quirky comments to bring fun among the live viewers.

Another way of using interactive graphics is through extensions. Select the image you wish to use as an informative graphic overlay and add it using the software you have chosen and you are ready to go.

How Is It Going To Be Helpful To You?

Well, the most obvious benefit of adding graphics to your live stream shall be increased engagement in your session. A variety of information relevant to users can be conveyed to them through these graphics and make them feel more involved in the session.

Besides graphics, you can also use tools like Votemo and ensure that your audience remains entertained through the session and you make the most out of it.

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