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8 Reasons To Consider Online Numeracy Tests For Employees

During the recruitment process for jobs requiring essential numeric skills, businesses face a number of challenges. Even though the experience and qualifications of each candidate will be on their CV, you cannot always rely on this alone.

After all, a recent survey from CareerBuilder of more than 2,500 hiring managers found that 56 per cent have caught job candidates lying on their CVs. On top of that, the most common fib seems to be embellishing skills or capabilities.

Even face-to-face interviews can’t prove whether an individual has the numeric ability you require. For example, they might have the gift of the gab and be able to confidently convince you of their adeptness or expertise.

This is where online numeracy tests can be invaluable. More and more employers are introducing psychometric assessments like this during recruitment initiatives for the following reasons:

  1. Skills guarantee

For jobs that are heavily reliant on numerical understanding and reasoning, you can be sure your chosen candidate will be able to fulfil the role with professionalism and proficiency.

  1. Objective measurement

By conducting online numeracy tests, you will benefit from an objective measurement of each and every candidate’s ability. Unfortunately, interviews can be quite subjective and lead to poorly informed recruitment decisions.

  1. Cost-effective

Every employer will know that recruiting new personnel can be incredibly expensive. However, with online numeracy testing you will significantly increase the chances of hiring the right people first time around.

  1. Specific measurement

With various numeracy assessments available, you can easily identify and assign appropriate testing for the role or subject knowledge required. As a result, you are given a clear and comparable output for each candidate.

  1. Streamline recruitment

The number of assessments on offer also has benefits for candidates too, as you can minimise the length of testing, eliminate the need for them to answer unnecessary questions, and ensure that the results presented are accurate.

  1. Legal protection

Although unlikely, you will be able to protect yourself against possible legal action from disgruntled candidates that were not hired despite the fact they had the right experience and qualifications.

  1. Behavioural traits

At the same time as numeracy tests you can also conduct a character DNA assessment too. This can ensure a candidate’s personality traits and behavioural tendencies will fit in with existing teams and the company’s overall culture.

  1. Quick convenience

The fact that numeracy tests can be taken online provides quick convenience to both you and the applicant. There is no need for candidates to visit your place of business, while results and suitability will be made available almost instantaneously.

Online numeracy tests for employees from Skillsarena are designed to test a candidate’s ability to understand and work with numbers in a professional setting. Along with numeracy and mathematics, the other areas that testing can provide insight into include accuracy, speed, attention to detail, keyboard skills, adaptability, and reasoning.

Contact Skillsarena today for more information about fundamental, core, and professional online numeracy tests.

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