7 Must Have Tools For Starting A Successful Woodworking Business

A woodworking business is one of the most challenging business you can start today. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding businesses you can start as well, right from the comfort of your home.

Whether you have a small garage, large one, or even a basement, you can use it to start your woodworking business.

However, a woodworking business is not something you can just start in one day. It requires research and planning on your part. Part of that research will involve choosing the kind of tools you’re going to start with.

Depending on your budget, you’re going to have to invest on various types of woodworking toolsto make your work as a woodworker easier and less challenging.

That is why, in this article, we will be discussing 10 must have tools you need in order to kickstart a successful woodworking business from scratch.

The 7 must have tools you need

Carpenter Square

Whatever kind of project you’ll be engaging on as a woodworker, you’ll have to make a lot of straight 90 degree measurements and cuts. To make these right angled 90 degree measurements, you need the carpenter’s square. It’s one of the most important tools you need to start your woodworking business. You definitely want to get it among your first tools because it will definitely make your life and your projects a lot easier to handle.

Set of Chisels

A basic set of chisels isn’t going to cost you much, but the tools you need to start your woodworking business will never be complete without them. Chisels are very versatile woodworking tools, and you’ll come to discover more and more uses for them as you progress in your woodworking business.

Woodworker’s Ruler/ Measuring Square and Measuring Tape

Good and precise measurements are the backbone of any successful woodworking projects. Without the tools to carry out measurements in your projects, you should not even start the projects in the first place. That is why it’s good to get all the measuring tools such as the woodworker’s ruler, measuring square and tape, and get yourself equipped and ready to start your woodworking business.

A Work Bench

A work bench as the name implies is the bench where you carry out most of your woodworking projects. That’s where you place your lumber to take measurement, and clamp it for cutting and many other things as well. A good workbench will certainly make your life a lot easier as a woodworker. Your waist will thank you for it. You can either buy one or make one for yourself.

Compound Miter Saw

Since you’re going to be working with wood, then you’ll definitely be making a lot of cuts. A very good tool for making these cuts seamlessly will be a good single or double bevel compound miter saw, depending on the projects you plan to engage in.

There are other tools for making cuts such as circular saws and table saws. However, a good compound miter saw offers more precision and is more user friendly for beginner woodworkers unlike the circular saw and table saw.

Orbital Sander

To finish the surface of your work and make it smoother, you need a tool to sand it down. An orbital sander is just perfect for that. It’s the perfect sanding tool for beginner woodworkers because it’s easier to control the way you sand with it than when you’re using a bigger machine like a belt sander.


If you buy a good plunge router along with a complete set of router bits when starting your woodworking business, you’ll definitely benefit a great deal from it. A router is one of the most versatile tools you can add to your tool arsenal, so it’s a must have if you’re to stay afloat in the river of woodworkers.

So, those are 7 of the major tools you’ll need when starting your woodworking business, even if you just need them for personal woodworking projects. Having these tools in hand will definitely make your work easier as a woodworker.

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