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5 Things You Need To Keep in Mind before Investing in Feather Flags

Do you know that advertising promotes the image of a company that ultimately drives consumer engagement? This is why companies still use traditional home advertising methods, instead of depending only on social media users.

Feather flag banners are one of the best home advertising methods that can help you to increase the visibility of your company. Though feather flags look simple, they are extraordinarily effective at promoting brand message. Not only do people love flags that wave with the wind, but also their attractive designs.

If you want to purchase feather flag banners for outdoor advertisement, you need to keep some things in your mind. In this article, we will discuss 5 things that you need to know while purchasing feather flags. Let’s continue.

Identify a Premium Quality Feather Flag

You must know the process or tips to make your feather flag attractive. Feather banners or feather flags are made from weather-resistant polyester material. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor places. The standing poles are created from fiberglass and lightweight aluminum which makes them extremely durable even in bad weather. Additionally, most of the poles are also made from UV-safe and waterproof material which makes them durable, movable, and easy to install.

Available Sizes and Shapes

Feather flags come in different sizes as well as shapes. You should choose the size as shape depending on their placement position. Generally, feather flags have 4 sizes:

  • Small size that is 9ft
  • Medium size that is 10.5ft
  • Large size that is 14ft
  • X-Large that is 18ft

Remember that the sizes of feather flags are measured when they’re installed on the flagpole. You can also increase the height by choosing longer poles.

The Longevity of Feather Flags

After the event is complete, you can save the feather flag for future purposes. With proper storage and good care, a feather flag will last for more than 3 years. Additionally, if you consider using feather flags for your trade show display, try to store them so that you can reuse them in the future.

If you want to extend its life, try to cover the banner from excessive sun rays or other harsh elements. Though feather flags are extremely durable and weather-resistant, the color of the flag might fade if you expose them directly into sunlight. Hence, if you want to use them for a long period, keep these things in your mind.

Assembling the Flag and Pole

As per Cision PR Web, feather flags are extremely easy to use. They have the simplest structure and you don’t need any electricity to assemble them. The flagpoles are reusable as well as they require zero maintenance. If you know the process, you’re enough to set them up singlehandedly. When you start assembling, remember that the largest flagpole piece rest at the bottom. Then you must fit the next smaller one and the smallest one should be installed at the top with a knob.

Feather Flags Make Outdoor Advertising A Breeze! - Cystinose Will Change  Your Business

Then attach the flag with the pole from the bottom and stretch the material. Then insert the flag into the base and secure the flagpole cord.

Various Types of Feather Flags

Feather flags have different names but they all refer to similar flags. Don’t be confused when you see ‘feather banner’, ‘flag banner’ or ‘feather flag banner’ as they all refer to feather flags. The purpose of the flags is the same as well as the cost and durability. People might choose feather flags with different names but the benefits will be the same.

Nevertheless, feather flag banners are one of the best tools to promote your business. They will last more than 2 years depending on the weather condition and UV and, sunlight exposure.


These are the 5 things you should always remember before investing in feather flags. Feather flags are one of the best ways to amplify your advertisement as well as marketing campaigns. As they’re considered a cost-effective investment, they will run for a long time with proper care. However, you should do some research before purchasing a feather flag.

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