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5 Proven Ways to Get New SEO Clients

Whether you have just started an SEO business and are looking for your very first clients, or you want to expand an already successful SEO company, you need to have a strategic plan that will help you find prospects and turn them into SEO clients.

But where do you start? Many SEO agencies resort to paid advertising, but while it is efficient when it comes to gaining traffic and increasing exposure, using it as a long-term strategy can seriously harm your budget.

Luckily, there are other, low-cost or free-of-charge strategies that, although somewhat more time-consuming than paid ads, can help you achieve the same goal.

1. Create a Killer SEO Proposal

In order to attract SEO clients and make them happy, you need to present them with a well-thought-out, individually tailored, and flawlessly executed SEO proposal. Whether you decide to write it from scratch or use an SEO proposal template, your proposal should demonstrate that you understand your potential client’s pain point and illustrate why you are the right company to fix it.

Your proposal should interest the prospective client enough that they decide to hire you, but also establish the expectations and scope of the project. It hooks prospects by explaining how exactly you plan to help them and excites them by talking about the benefits they will gain by working with you. Finally, a good proposal defines the responsibilities, limitations, and metrics you will be using to measure the success of the project.

2. Rely on Content Marketing

As you might already know, content marketing is one of the most effective and most affordable ways to get new SEO clients. Unfortunately, most SEO companies don’t apply the best content marketing practices to their own projects. It’s time to change this.

Focus on writing content that demonstrates your expertise in SEO. Your best bet is producing pillar content, i.e. long-form pieces designed to help not only SEO newbies but also more advanced marketers. This type of content will not only demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about but will also make other SEO professionals want to link to it and share it, which can help get your company in front of more potential clients.

3. Show Off Your SEO Expertise on Social Platforms

There are two ways in which sharing content on social platforms can help you gain more new clients. First of all, your content can get in front of your target audience, and second, prospective clients will most definitely check out your social media accounts to see if your company is legit.

If you haven’t posted anything in weeks or if your posts are too promotional, they are not very likely to reach out. If, on the other hand, you’re posting helpful content on a regular basis, you come off as an expert in your industry and someone people want to work with.

4. Check Marketing Agency Directories

Getting listed in marketing agency directories like GetCredo, Sortlist, and Clutch is one of the best ways to get new SEO clients. However, it should be noted that many of these directories are pay-to-win platforms, which means that the only way you will rank well is by paying for a subscription. The more you pay, the more leads you will receive.

To see if this strategy pays off, start by investing in a couple of directories. If the results are satisfying, you can expand to others once your budget allows it.


5. Try Cold Email Outreach

If done properly, reaching out directly via email can be an effective way to get new SEO clients. But what does ‘done properly’ mean? It means not falling into the trap of spamming random email addresses. Besides not being legal, this also minimizes the effectiveness of your email campaigns and increases the probability of your emails ending up in spam folders.

The better approach is to research your target audience and reach out to them on social media first (LinkedIn is a great place to start). Compile a list of the businesses you want to make contact with and compose an email that is meant specifically for them.

Don’t forget to send follow-ups. Your prospective clients are probably too busy to respond to the first email, but if interested, they’re only a few emails away from turning into paying customers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get more clients for your SEO agency, you need to be present where your target audience is likely to look for SEO services. Hopefully, the 5 strategies presented in this article will help you to not only reach potential clients but also to create content and proposals that secure deals more successfully.

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