5 Invaluable Tips For Writing Irresistible Listicles

People love listicles. Why? Because we love numbers, we love knowing what to expect, we love organisation, we love short copy, we love content we can scan, and we love bullet points!

We’re simple creatures at heart.

The question is, how can you write irresistible listicles to tickle your readers’ fancy?

Read on and we’ll share some invaluable tips…

1. Write a Banging Title

The title is equally—if not more—important than the content itself. The fact is, if you want to lure people in to click on your link and ultimately read your listicle, then you need a compelling title that piques their curiosity.

Take the title of this blog as an example:

  • There are exactly 5 tips.
  • They are invaluable.
  • They can help you write irresistible listicles.
  • There’s a certain poetic flow to it.

In essence, it’s short, it’s sweet, it rolls off the tongue, and it illustrates precisely what information can be found within.

2. Tell It in as Little or as Much as is Necessary

Next, you really need to get to the point. Don’t waste your reader’s time with unnecessary waffle and say exactly what needs to be said in as little or as much as is necessary.

That’s it.

3. Offer a Unique Perspective

When you find a listicle online that you love, if you type the title into Google you’ll almost certainly find a number of other articles that largely cover the same subject matter in exactly the same way.

Offer a Unique Perspective.

Sure, you are likely covering very similar subject matter and there are only so many ways to skin a cat, however, there’s always an opportunity to bring yet even more value / ways of looking at things.

After all, you are the authority in your industry, right? What have you learned from your experiences? How can you bring more value to your reader’s lives through your lived experiences?

Listicle about listicles. Why they are popular and how to master… | by  Deepanshu Galyan | The Writing Cooperative

4. Use Round Numbers

Even if there are only “4 benefits to hiring an SEO agency in Singapore”, wrack your brains, get creative and add a 5th benefit for good measure.

Again, we’re a fickle bunch and there’s something far more satisfying about a listicle with a round number.

Aesthetics are important.

5. Use Stats and Infographics

Support your listicle by offering stats and infographics where possible – they make a huge difference.

Not convinced? Here are 25 stats that make the case for infographics!

Final Thoughts: Hire the Experts

Finally, if you are struggling with writing listicles and have neither the time or desire to take care of it yourself, there’s always the option to hire a digital marketing expert instead.

For example, an SEO agency in Singapore with talented copywriters at their disposal can take care of the grunt work so that you can focus on doing what you do best instead.

In any case, we hope the above 5 points have inspired you to raise your listicle game!

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