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5 Interactional Corporate Event Ideas to Engage Delegates

Gone are the days when thought leaders used to do all the talking on stage with little or no input from the audience.

Nowadays, conferences, seminars and corporate events call for much greater engagement from the audience for success.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can now reach out to your audience so that they too can join in the proceedings and feel invited. A premier event management company can show you how it’s done with these tips:

Audience Input

You should hosting the event so that there are plenty of opportunities for the audience to express their thoughts, queries and opinions. It does not make sense for speakers to keep talking non-stop till the audience falls asleep.

When you provide opportunities to your audience to speak out at appropriate intervals, then this will greatly increase their satisfaction, boost participation and really get them involved.

Guest speakers should arrange their presentations so that those listening can ask questions and participate in the discussion. Speakers should, at appropriate intervals, invite questions from the audience. It is quite possible that many members of the audience may have problems following the presentation. If you permit them to ask questions, then their questions will be clarified and they will be able to follow and understand the rest of the presentation.

When taking questions, you are not just answering the questioner, you are clarifying doubts for many in the audience who will then be well-poised and better motivated to listen to you.

Audience participation is likely to make your event a success, so you should take opportunities wherever you are able to for increasing the same.

A reputable event organiser company can show you all possible avenues for further increasing attendee engagement and participation.

Conference Venue

You should choose a conference venue that has ample space and facilities for presentations, gatherings and dinners. Besides the podium and stage for the presentation, there should also be a vast area for serving food where people can gather and socialise with each other.

The lunch or dinner part of the conference is equally important and it is more than just gastronomic satisfaction. As the host, you should set the tone by initiating discussions with the attendees and reaching out to them when food is being served. This will encourage others to interact, engage and talk with one another to forge new partnerships, friendships and alliances.

Besides lunch or dinner, the schedule of your event should also spare some time for networking, so that the attendees can walk away feeling satisfied that they have expanded their business network.

Such an activity during the event will provide plenty of chances for attendees to interact with one another and the guest speakers as well. A good event organiser company will be most helpful for finding the right venue for a successful event.

Event App

There is no shortage of event hosts and organisers who believe that event apps are a high tech gimmick for a touch of variety. In today’s era, such a notion is, without a doubt, erroneous. Event apps are now central to events themselves since they can facilitate both hosts and participants in several ways.

For many people, it is not possible for them to attend the event in person. Considering the advances in technology, geographic location and travel issues should not preclude willing participants from attending. Event apps are the answer to this problem.

Thanks to event apps, there is no need to turn anyone away if they are not able to come to the venue on time. Event apps are now even more important in today’s highly restrictive and stifling milieu due to COVID-19. They can allow attendees to participate safely without fearing for their wellbeing and the safety of others around them.

Event apps should have a user interface that facilitates quick and easy participation. You can embed several features into the app, such as online voting, feedback and comments so that attendees won’t feel left out. The layout and design of the interface should be intuitive and self-explanatory so that anyone can use it easily without any prior experience.

The app features should facilitate interaction and live participation, besides real-time streaming of the speaker presentations will instill a sense of empowerment in your attendees. So even with COVID-19 restrictions in place, event apps, if designed appropriately, can foster interaction and lead to better integration.

Data Collection for Better Interaction

The event app should be able to record all swipes, gestures and taps of users. You can peruse this data and analyse it to make sense of which features and functions are the most valuable and where innovations can be affected.

You can even take feedback so that attendees can inform you about ways of enhancing and augmenting the app for better interaction and participation. From user data, you can even assess which activities and segments of the event elicit the best response and participation from your attendees. Such data will prove to be invaluable for taking your events to new heights.

Social Media

Social media appears to be a panacea for all business activities these days and events are no exception. Instead of letting the event fade from memory, you can capitalise on the momentum that you have worked so hard to create.

You can create social media groups where conference attendees can gather and interact long after the event is over, thus allowing it to live on while yielding dividends to both attendees and speakers. You can gain much more out of events by leveraging social media than allowing the event to be relegated to history.

Millennials will be the most delighted but others will also be deeply appreciative of the interaction that social media can offer.

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