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5 Important Reasons Why Your Commercial Building Needs Clean Windows

As a business owner, having clean and pretty windows is probably not your top priority. However, if you notice that you’re not making any new clients or improving sales, it’s best to take a long hard look at your establishment. Perhaps the lighting is terrible, or the paint is peeling off. Or probably, it’s because the windows are dirty.

Whether you have a tall business building or a small one-story edifice, windows are essential to the overall look and impression of your business. If you do find that the windows are indeed less than desirable to look at, then you should consider getting them cleaned due to these critical reasons.

Clean or Dirty Windows Make an Impression

When guests and clients come to visit your business building, they form an impression about you as the owner with what they visually see. Imagine looking into the window and finding a thick layer of dirt and grime instead of a fantastic view. It would be easy for people to surmise that you’re not as professional and credible if you can’t take care of your building.

Dirty Windows Affect Productivity

Your employees need at least a clean workplace to be productive. Dirty windows can bring down an employee’s morale, making him or her less motivated to give the best in his role. Remember, your employees are an essential part of your business and giving them an attractive, comfortable and clean place to work is an excellent way of upping their productivity.

Dirty Windows Affect Indoor Air Quality

Dirty and grimy windows contribute to indoor air pollution. Working in a confined space where windows are dirty and dusty put you, your employees and customers at risk to a host of conditions, including but not limited to coughing, headache, allergy attacks and asthma. Cleaning the windows does not just eradicate the unsightly dust and dirt, but also prevent them from contaminating indoor air.

It Is Cheaper to Clean and Maintain Windows than Replace Them

Dirt, grime, mold, and mildew can soon eat into the structure of your windows and cause damages. You prevent this from happening by making sure that the windows get their fair share of cleaning and maintenance, so the structure remains stable and firm even for the years to come. You want to save overhead expenses in your business, and getting a professional window cleaning Houston contractors to clean your business windows is just the fraction of the cost of getting a full-fledged window replacement.

Clean Windows are Investment

Ideally, you bring things to the business that will bring back more to you. You can add exciting artwork to your store or restaurant, or replace the old and dull carpet in your office in hopes that it will keep customers happy and comfortable to be in your building. The same can be said for your windows. Having clean windows also deliver the message that you care about your customers and employees, and in return, they’re happy to do business with you.


Sometimes it’s easy to overlook your dirty windows when you’re busy attending to the more urgent needs of your business. However, it is best to include window cleaning in your business building to create a beautiful and healthy environment for your employees and clients.

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