5 Actionable Tips On Tactical Knives

When was the last time you were in need of a sharp and handy blade? Whether you are on hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, backpacking or camping, or you want to cut anything swiftly you do want something sharp with you that could be easy and safe to carry. By keeping tactical knife with you, you will always have a sharp and handy blade within reach.On the other hand leaving your knife behind is unforgivable, you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ll need it.

When it comes to practically using a tactical knife,leave your cool looking knife as a decoration piece in your home and pick skillfully designed tactical knife. Here are 5 actionable tips on tactical knives that you won’t regret reading.

Does size of a tactical knife matter?

Yes! Definitely. Why? Because bigger size is not always the best option, more importantly bigger size knives aren’t handy enough to keep along all the time. In contrast, very small sized knife is not good for slicing and chopping at all. Remember that, ideal size of your tactical knife should range from 9-11 inches. Do not sacrifice effectiveness over size.

Pointed and sharp tip

You’ll think that it is so obvious that a knife should be pointed and sharp but there are other knives in the market that have straight cut flat, rounded, hooked and angled shaped tips. Know that, your tactical knife should only have sharp and pointed tip. Why? Among countless reasons that why your tactical knife should have pointed and sharp tip few of them are:

  • Very helpful in self-defense (against beast or man)
  • Provides ease in picking
  • Provides ease in handling hard edibles like walnuts, nuts, acorns etc.
  • Very useful in cleaning meat of animals.
  • Best for hunting
  • One can effectively stab through fur and thick material.

Why choose a fixed blade?

Fixed blade knives are more effective, reliable, robust and durable than folding knives. Remember any kind of joint in a knife is a weakness. Keeping a tactical knife with fixed blade aids the best in pounding, thrusting, batoning, chopping and rough cutting.

Why strong pommel is necessary?

Do you know strong pommel of your knife matters? Do not think that the bottom of your knife’s handle is insignificant. You can use your tactical knife’s pommel for hammering and pounding. It is best for fixing shelter stakes. A strong and solid pommel only adds more effectiveness to the usage of your knife.

Full tang VS partial tang

Remember! Full tang tactical knife is much more solid than that of partial tang knives. Tactical knife with full tang is much more considerable and robust as it made of continuous portion of metal that is attached with grips and scales which gives comfortable and handy grip.Partial or half tang knives become dangerous and difficult to use if their tang get loosen from their handle.  Choosing partial tang knife over full tang tactical knife is totally unwise.

Keep in mind that a tactical knife does not magically works, it’s worth and value can only be known by the one who wheels it skillfully. For centuries and even now man and his blade had quite a relationship. Choose your blade wisely and use it skillfully. Next time remember these 5 actionable tips while using tactical knives and experience their full effectiveness. Want to buy one, only authentic site for online buying is SwordsSwords.

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