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4 Effective Brand Recognition Secrets Revealed

Gaining fame and recognition is a top goal of every emerging startup, but how do you get this? Success and popularity are late goals for most if not all companies, or so you think.

The fact of the matter is that all companies, no matter what their size is or how old they are, can gain users, traders, and influence with a strong brand name.

With branding increasing revenue by almost 23%, companies quite often invest huge portions of their profits into their marketing and brand recognition teams and ventures.

Source: Forbes

With 89% and more marketers keeping brand awareness their key aim and hundreds of modern-day companies realizing its worth and potential, brand awareness seems to be the current path for a new company to take.

77% of marketing experts and leaders say that having a strong brand is critical in all their growth plans.

When it requires between 5 and 7 interactions for a customer to remember a brand, why would you choose no to invest in making your brand well known?

Whether you’re starting a new business and want to help it grow or you’re expanding an already established company, these tricks will sure come in handy.

Here are some of the simplest techniques exploited by some of the top companies:

Social Media Marketing:

Most marketers and first-time businessmen rely too much on conventional methods of advertising. From billboards to signs and posters as well as handouts in the streets. This is definitely a great idea, but is it the best?

In today’s day and age, social media calls the shots, from daily updates about yourself to news, campaigns, and a lot more. Remembering that social media plays such a big role in the lives of most millennials, youth, and even certain big business companies, and their executives are essential.

When you choose to market, make sure to look out for social media marketing opportunities as previously conveyed, people will need to see a reference of your brand 5 – 8 times before they learn to remember it.

Advertising through social media is the way for your organization.

Having Custom Brand Paraphernalia:

Not everyone understands the importance of clothing,  cards, or stationary with your brands’ symbols and logos. However, it is here where a majority of users fail to see the opportunity.

Custom paraphernalia doesn’t just look great but also functions as a fantastic way to get people to see your brand logo and name floating around thus gathering you a lot of brand awareness and recognition.

Customized Digital Business Cards for your business function as a great way to promote your business both online and offline as well as making you seem a lot more orderly and up to date on the current events of the digital age.

With these innovative creations, watch your customers and business partners stare at your new digital business cards in awe. If anything is going to catch their eyes it is surely the card.


Hosting giveaways and giving out simple objects with your brands’ tag on them can go a long way. From simple pens, pencils, or keychains, people love free things and you giving them something to take home with them will not only improve your reputation with them but every time they use it people around them will notice your brand symbol and get to know about your brand.

Anything to gather attention towards your brand is the right way to approach it but always remember that just as much as good recognition can help you grow, being well known for a bad thing can just hurt you just as much.

Having A Personality of Your Own:

Instead of following other major brands and networks and trying to emulate what they did, try to create a unique personality of your own. Individual mottos, tags, and other ways to catch the attention of your audience are great ways to get your brand remembered by people all over.

If you’re brave enough you could try adding your own catchphrase into the mix.

Advertising and marketing remain core components of any company in this period of time. So remember to be open to investing in marketing and promote it accordingly.

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